Robert Mueller Will Testify at House Judiciary Committee on May 15

Special Counsel's testimony will be highly anticipated—and hotly contested

File photo, Robert Mueller, 2012 (Photo credit: Kit Fox/Medill)
File photo, Robert Mueller, 2012 (Photo credit: Kit Fox/Medill)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on May 15, according to Rep. David Cicilline, a Democratic committee member from Rhode Island.

Mueller’s first public testimony since the release of his team’s 400-plus page report on the Trump campaign and its links to Russian election interference will no doubt bring Washington to a standstill once again. When Attorney General Bill Bar testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee this past week, the capitol’s attention was transfixed as he was alternately grilled and applauded by Democrats and Republicans, respectively, for his handling of Mueller’s findings. Mueller’s appearance before the House committee will offer Democrats a chance to control the proceedings and possibly rebut many of Barr’s characterizations about the Special Counsel’s nearly two year-long inquiry. Last week, news reports revealed that Mueller had sent two separate letters and made a phone call to Barr to privately complain about the latter’s press conference and executive summary of the report and how they failed to capture the proper “context” of the details in the report.

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