Adam Sandler Hosts “SNL” and Brings Back Opera Man to Mock Biden, Trump

Former cast member reprises goofy character from 24 years ago

Adam Sandler reprised his Opera Man character in his return to NBC's "SNL" as guest host. (Screenshot: NBC)
Adam Sandler reprised his Opera Man character in his return to NBC's "SNL" as guest host. (Screenshot: NBC)

Former cast member Adam Sandler returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend, this time as guest host. And on the show’s Weekend Update, Sandler reprised his goofy buy popular ‘Opera Man’ character to mock everything from Game of Thrones to Donald Trump to himself.

Singing about TV’s biggest hit set in Westeros, Essos and Sothoryos, Sandler noted the anticipation building over the impending conclusion of the 10-year old series: “We can’t wait for, its final show-ah, so we can cancel, our HBO-ah.”

Joe Biden’s entrance into the 2020 presidential race also drew Opera Man’s attention—as did Biden’s now infamous reputation as an extremely handsy politician when it comes to interacting with women. “Gropa grope, sniffa sniffa, young or olda, make no diffa; Joe for this you, won’t go far-o; to win White House you need to bang porn star-o!”

His didn’t just target politicians, though. In fact, he saved some mockery for Hollywood’s penchant for casting beautiful women to play the love interests of schlubby guys, just like himself. Over clips of his friend Seth Rogen’s new movie Long Shot—where Rogen’s scruffy character becomes romantically involved with a politician played by model and actress Charlize Theron—Sandler sang: “Pretty lady, goofy man-ah, Opera Man no, understand-ah; Silly face, but still he score-ah, where I have seen, this before-ah?” And as he sang the last verse, an array of old Sandler movies appeared on screen, all of which he too ended up with inexplicably gorgeous co-stars, from Drew Barrymore to Jennifer Aniston.

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