New Drop: Burton’s Latest Strapless Binding Tech Is a Snowboarder’s Godsend

For the uninitiated, it's called Step On, and it rules

October 19, 2021 2:06 pm
Pro snowboarder Brock Crouch riding Burton Step On strapless bindings. Here he's pictured in an orange winter jacket on the top of a snowy mountain in Aspen, Colorado next to an orange sign.
Burton pro rider Brock Crouch stepping into his Step On bindings in Aspen, CO.
Jesse Lynn Dawson / Burton

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Back in late 2019, we reviewed what was, at the time, the latest iteration of Burton’s Step On strapless binding technology. TL;DR: It’s simple, easy and works so well that your correspondent, a lifelong snowboarder, was an immediate convert (and remains one to this day). 

Never ones to rest on their laurels, however, the team at Burton just dropped a 2021 update to the Step On system. The premise remains the same: boot goes on foot, foot steps into binding, person attached to foot goes down hill — no bending over to futz with straps or (worse) sitting down at the top of every lift to strap in your back foot required.

This year’s suite of boots/bindings (which can be purchased separately or as a bundle) also feature a couple key upgrades. The first is a re-tooled “toe hook” — this is the contact point on either side of the front of the binding where the toe of the Step On boot clicks in (the third contact point being on the heel, thus begetting the axiom “heel, toe, go”), and it has been modified for easier in and out (which I personally found pretty damn easy to begin with, so kudos to Burton). It bears noting that those who own previous iterations of Step On boots (like yours truly) needn’t worry, as they’re fully compatible with the new binding setup.

Speaking of boots, the other big upgrade to the system comes in the form of Vibram Traction Lug outsoles on several boot models that provide more surface area and grip (and also, incidentally, are made from 30% recycled rubber content because climate change is the mortal enemy of snow sports). 

Long story short, a great product made better. If you dig snowboarding (or have just been curious to try it), I highly suggest giving Step On a go — you’ll get your turns in easier, faster and more often. Your dry butt (from not sitting down) will thank you.

Step On® Genesis Binding + Step On® Ion Boot Bundle

Step On Genesis Binding + Step On Ion Boot Bundle

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Step On Re:Flex Binding + Step On Photon Boot Bundle

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