This Helmet-Mounted Brake Light Is Straight Out of ‘Blade Runner’

How to not get hit by a car, look cool doing it

March 30, 2017 9:00 am

Only in the world of motorcycles could advancements in safety be badass.

Talking about a brake light system that illuminates as you slow down. Best part? It’s not fixed to the bike. Rather, it’s attached to the helmet, which, unlike a motorcycle’s tail light, is at eye level.

It’s called BrakeFree, and it’s up for funding on Indiegogo right now.

brakefree slideshow (4 images)

With a magnetic mount, BrakeFree has sensors that can detect when a rider is decelerating. The flashy display of red light that can be seen regardless of what direction the rider’s head is turned. In fact, it’s actually better than brake lights because it detects when you’re slowing down without hitting the brakes.

At $89 it’s a steal, and something that both your progeny and all of us automotive folks will be grateful for.  

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