Bose Just Released Its Long-Awaited Answer to the Airpods Pro

One's a noise-cancelling wonder, the other's ideal for workouts

Bose just released two new earbuds, including the noise-cancelling QuietComfort buds

Since we frequently wear Bose headphones to make our flights quiet — which feels so six months ago, admittedly — there’s no reason not to show the same love for the brand’s new like-minded earbuds.

(Both releases ship on September 29th and are available for pre-order.)

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

The QuietComfort Earbuds share part of a name with our favorite noise-cancelling headphones, and Bose is calling these the “world’s most effective noise-cancelling earbuds.” They’ve combined active and passive noise reduction features, while also allowing you to personalize the amount of sound that comes in and out.

They’re also weather-resistant and feature touch controls in lieu of buttons — a positive for some people, an admitted drawback for others. The six hours of playtime is decent, and you can tack on another 12 with the case.

Bose Sport Earbuds

The Sport Earbuds add a bit of rare color for a Bose release; these sweat- and weather-resistant ‘buds are all about a comfy but secure fit (via the umbrella-shaped tip and the extended flexible wing) while promising a balanced sound … even if you crank them up, which you may need to do during, say, your workouts.

Featuring five hours of playtime per charge and a range of 30 feet, this is your elevated gym audio gear … or, sigh, your “workout at the park or at home from a safe distance” earbuds.

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