The 8 Best Travel Chargers and Portable Power Banks

How to keep it 100 during your summer travels

July 11, 2019 7:28 am
Fuse phone charger
The Fuse charger works internationally and charges wirelessly (Photo: Fuse)

Turns out charging your phone at the airport is a huge security risk.

(When those outlets even work, which is rare.)

The best way to keep powered up when you’re on the go is with a charger or powerbank built for stealth and power — but one you can control and, for the most part, drop in your pocket or a bag when you don’t need it. The fewer the wires or connections to the outside world, the better.

Amazon currently offers 3000+ results for “portable power banks,” so choosing the right one to fit your phone/laptop/camera charging needs can be confusing (and we had to go outside of Amazon’s ecosystem to find a few). We narrowed down the list to eight travel chargers and power banks that serve a specific purpose, from versatility to quickness to even survival. 


For keeping your devices clean: Phonesoap Go

Sanitize and charge your smartphone on the go. The built-in battery on this powerbank gets you up to four full phone charges or 45 UV sanitizing cycles, which kill 99.99% of the germs on your devices. (Currently 25% off)

myCharge Wireless Charger Portable Charger Power Bank Dual

For cutting all cords: myCharge Unplugged Dual

The Unplugged Dual is pretty much the only charger you’ll need if you own a Qi-enabled wireless device, such as a later model iPhone (anything 8 or above) or a newer Android phone. The key here is that this powerbank features both a Qi wireless charger and two more traditional USB charging ports. The myCharge itself also charges wirelessly, and you can charge both the Dual and your phone at the same time. 


For powering ALL your devices: Omnicharge by TNSO

Sure, you’ll need a big pocket, but the Omnicharge offers AC/DC outlets, 60W USB-C ports and wireless charging, too. Your power-hogging laptop, phone, drone and DSLR camera will be set for days.  


For power during rugged adventures: Lifeactiv Power Pack 10

The Power Pack is water, drop, dirt and snowproof, and it features a built-in flashlight. And while it’ll work fine with older phones, it’s really a charger built your wirelessly charging devices.


For stealth laptop charging: Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1

Not a power bank, but when you’re stuck with a single outlet, this is your plug-in option. This powerful, fast laptop charger is the size of a golf ball. Meanwhile, the updated PD 2 is a foldable wall charger that can charge two laptops at once, but it’s 15% smaller than what came with your computer. And the new Atom III is your slimmer, pocket-ready version (at just 0.63 inches thick).

Flux Charging

For stealth phone charging: Flux Charger

It’ll fit both in your pocket and behind your phone — and it weighs just 88g. Plus, it has built-in charging cords for both Android and iPhones, so it’s also a charger built for sharing.


For feeling good about using all that power: Nimble

Nimble is a direct-to-consumer brand that fashions batteries and phone chargers from sustainable materials (recyclable aluminum, bioplastics, organic hemp) and adhering to a Supplier Code of Conduct devoted to workers’ rights and eco-friendly practices (like biodegradable packaging). We dig the 8-Day charger because it’ll charge things three times faster than a standard phone charger, has both USB-C and USB-A ports and it’s pocket-sized.

Fuse Chicken

For powering yourself internationally: Fuse Universal All-in-One Travel Charger

Never worry about your phone dying again, even if you’re halfway around the globe. The Universal is a USB and wireless charger, a portable powerbank and also comes with adapters so you can plug it anywhere from London to Brisbane.

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