Wearing These Snowshoes Is Basically Like Telling Winter to Bend the Knee

All hail the King of the North!

January 19, 2017 9:00 am

Winter, you may have noticed, is coming. In fact, it’s already here. 

And if you’ve ever gone hiking hrough Winterfell-like conditions, then you already how important a proper snow is.

Good news is Fimbulvetr has just the thing you’re looking for. Hailing from the real-life land of ice and snow, the Norwegian company knows a thing or two about harsh winters. They debuted their first snowshoe last year at Outdoor Retailer, and this year they’ve improved upon it with the Tankr.

As you’d expect from a Scandinavian company, the design is clean while almost resembling a neon green claw. But at over three feet in length and under seven pounds, these puppies are built to work, and make traversing through snow a helluva lot easier. 

In other words: wooden tennis rackets, these are not. 

You’ll feel like you’re floating on these kicks. And given the profusion of snow in the Sierras, we’ll be adding them to our wish list.

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