The Best Mirrors for Every Type of Space

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February 12, 2024 1:35 pm
Ikea Vrigstad and Three Posts Laffey Rectangle Mirror, two of the best mirrors for every type of space
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If any room in your house feels like it’s missing something, then you may want to consider purchasing a mirror for the space.

According to Luciana Todeschini, an Italian NYC-based designer of Luciana Todeschini Interior Design, accent mirrors can function not only as a reflective surface, “but become an integral part of the design that completely elevates the space.”

Using the expertise of Todeschini to guide us, we picked an array of mirrors that we found impressive for a variety of environments. In the end, we were sure to include a wide range of styles, materials and prices to fit any type of space.

Things to Consider


Accounting for the style of your existing space is important when deciding which mirror is right for you.

“In a contemporary setting, sleek, simple and frameless mirrors create a minimalist aesthetic, while an antique French mirror would fit into a traditional interior,” Todeschini tells us. However, these are not all completely hard and fast rules. As someone who leans more toward eclecticism, she would consider implenting an antique French mirror in a modern neo-classical space “for a unique focal point that balances classic and modern design elements.”

So, when in doubt, first look at mirrors that align with the established design of your space, but don’t be afraid to inject some style and mix it up!


Tying into style, the materials that you choose will be important. For example, if you’re seeking out a more minimalist design, you may want to opt for a mirror that is purely glass. However, if you’re a mid-century modern fan, leaning towards wood will be more your speed. If you’re looking for something built to last, consider mirrors made with hardwoods.

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It will be important to consider just what you are intending to use your mirror for. Obviously, every mirror offers reflection, but they can go beyond just that.

“You can consider a bold mirror in focal points of a room, such as above a fireplace,” Todeschini explains, adding that this “not only adds visual interest, but it also amplifies the room, making it feel larger and more inviting when placed strategically.”  

Todeschini notes that options with peculiar detailing or odd shapes can really take on the role of elevating the style of a space. Lastly, mirrors can play with the illusion of space, making them an excellent choice for smaller rooms or apartments. “They also provides enhanced lighting as mirrors reflect both artificial as well as natural light, thus reducing the need for additional lighting fixtures.”


Mirrors can be a great option to add into so many different spaces of your home. In particular, Todeschini recommends the following:

  • Placing a mirror in the entryway/foyer can make the entry into a home welcoming while adding brightness. “It is also functional as a last-minute check before heading out”.
  • In the living room, Todeschini advocates for placing the mirror above the fireplace, behind a sofa or across from a window. “It’s all about creating an optical balance in the room. A mirror in a living room certainly enhances the sense of space and light.” 
  • Powder rooms are a great place for making bold choices. Todeschini recommends opting for a unique accent mirror in these spaces.
  • Mirrors in a dining room can help to create the illusion of a larger dining area, while in the bedroom, a full-body accent mirror or a mirror above a dresser doubles as functional and decorative. Be sure to avoid placing it across from your bed, though, as sthis is bad Feng Shui according to Todeschini.

With all of these spaces, accounting for how much space you have and how big you want the mirror to be will be important. Additionally, consider whether you want to mount the mirror or lean it against the wall, and make sure that the one you’re interested in can accommodate this intention.

Best Minimalist (Or, Best for Living Rooms): BIKARSOUL Irregular Wall Mirror Brass Framed Wall Mirror

Pros: Minimalist and interesting shape, multiple color options for border, affordable
Cons: May not work with every style

This mirror takes the simplicity of minimalist design, with a sleek profile and beveling, but injects some intrigue into a space with its irregular shape. It’s available in brass, gold and matte black to better fit your style.

Consider putting this uniquely shaped piece in your entryway, or follow Todeschini’s advice and take a chance in a powder room. Additionally, you can opt for hanging it, as it comes with all of the necessary parts, or you can simply lean it against the wall. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s a fraction of the price of competitors. 

Best Leaning (Or, Best for Bedrooms): Three Posts Laffey Rectangle Mirror

Pros: Made with real wood, distressed look, free shipping
Cons: May be a bit smaller than listed

A leaning full length mirror can be just as nice to look at as it can be practical, and we appreciate this option from Three Posts for its ability to offer both. At 65 inches tall, it will be a statement in your space, and the distressed solid wood construction further enhances the eye-catching nature of it. We also like that it can be mounted. (However, we say opt for leaning it against the wall because it just looks better.) It also ships for free, but just be aware that some people found it to run slightly smaller than what is listed.

Best Vanity (Or, Best for Powder Rooms): Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Vanity Mirror

Pros: Handcrafted, ornate design, sturdily built
Cons: Too small for some people

A bestseller at Anthropologie, the Gleaming Primrose Vanity Mirror features extensive detailing and adornments on every inch of it. Handcrafted from resin, engineered hardwood and mirrored glass, this stylish accent comes in gold and can be placed in most rooms to add some serious character. It’s sturdily built, according to reviewers, and it can be tilted to get a better view of your face. It makes a big statement in the room, but just be aware that it measures 15.75 x 14.25 x 3.75 inches, which is a bit small for some people’s tastes.

Best Arch (Or, Best For Rooms You Want To Make Look Larger): Latitude Run Large Arch Mirror

Pros: Understated but elegant, shatterproof glass, timeless design, free shipping
Cons: Can be tough to mount

The thin frame on this sizeable arch mirror from Latitude Run makes it a timeless and classic option, and the arch design creates an interesting shape and pattern to add into any room. What we particularly like is that it offers such a substantial reflective surface, without being too overwhelming in design. It’s understated while still offering some elegance into the space, and added benefits include the shatterproof glass and free shipping. Just be aware that while it can be hung, some reviewers found it to be a difficult process.

Best Round (Or, Best For Foyers): All Modern Hub Modern Vanity Mirror 

Pros: Free shipping, versatile design, interesting material choice, multiple sizes
Cons: Limited color options

A round mirror is a great option for its versatility, but it’s the unique spin that All Modern puts on its Hub Round Wall Mirror that makes this particular wall decor stand out. A rubber frame not only creates a more durable mirror overall, but also adds a more industrialized look. While modern in nature, the simplistic design can work amongst a breadth of styles. Opt for the smaller 24 x 24 inch option for an entry way with limited wall space, or go for the 37 x 37 inch option for above your bathroom sink. 

Best Mid Century Modern (Or, Best For Dining Rooms): West Elm Mid-Century Wood Dowel Mirror

Pros: Durable materials, tall design, comes with tip resistant kit
Cons: Can’t be mounted

West Elm’s Mid-Century Wood Dowel Mirror expands upon the clean lines associated with Mid-Century furniture, adding flair through doweling and metal accents. While it’s slightly pricier than other choices on our list, this mirror is made from a solid wood, and accented with plated antique brass. At 72 inches in height, it’s definitely a statement, albeit somewhat subtle in design. Be aware that it is designed to lean against a wall, coming with a tip resistant kit, but it cannot be wall mounted.

Best for Bathrooms: Etta Avenue Metal Arch Mirror

Pros: Multiple colors, rated for wet and damp conditions, cast iron frame
Cons: Doesn’t come with a stand to lean it

Reasonably priced and rated for damp and wet conditions, Etta Avenue’s Metal Arch Mirror is our pick to upgrade your latrine. The cast iron frame is substantial without being overwhelming, making this a great choice for all varieties of personal style. Plus, it features a subtle arched top for some added style. While it can be leaned, we recommend securing it and mounting it to enjoy the clean lines against your wall. It’s available in multiple sizes, as well as in black, silver, and gold, to be sure to suit your space.

Best for Boho Chic Spaces: Ikea Vrigstad

Pros: Decorative and functional, hand woven materials, affordably priced
Cons: Only one size

This affordable and hand woven rattan mirror is a perfect option for a boho space. The circular design makes it a viable choice to be hung among other mirrors, or to blend in with paintings and art. Plus it’s handmade, meaning that there will be natural variation that make it an interesting and unique choice. While it is a fun option, it does only come in one size: 24 ¾ inches.

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