These Are the Face Masks Our Readers Are Using Every Day

You know, because they care about other people and haven't politicized a public health issue

August 13, 2020 12:01 pm
These Are the Face Masks Our Readers Are Using Every Day

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On the off chance it isn’t already obvious, face masks are here to stay. This is not news we’re exactly thrilled to be passing on, but we’re in the midst of a pandemic so, what’re you gonna do? (This is a purely rhetorical question because what you’re going to do is wear a face mask, yes?) So with masks now permanent fixtures in our lives, it’s time to get serious about finding the one that’s right for you.

What was once a small, humble market has morphed into a massive industry, and it’s overwhelming, to say the least. We’ve written about an absurd amount of masks over the past five months, and the 11 examples you’ll find below are the ones that have most resonated with you, our readers. If you’re still trying to find the right option for yourself, this is a pretty good place to start.

Buck Mason Anti-Microbial Prevention Face Mask 5-Pack

Buck Mason’s Anti-Microbial Prevention masks are reusable and treated with an anti-microbial coating on the inner layer which will last up to 30 washes. For every mask sold the company will in turn donate one, and already have more than 400,000 masks set to donate.

Caraa Mask Pack Purchase

Many companies making face masks have been crafting them out of repurposed material, accessory brand Caraa included. You’ll get five of these colorful masks made from materials found on their production line and your purchase will be matched with a donation to New York’s relief efforts.

Vida Protective Mask

Each of Vida’s Protective Masks is outfitted with a PM2.5 Filter featuring 2 layers of Meltblown Filter and 1 layer of Carbon Activated Fabric, meaning it can filter out particles in the air that cause pollution. The filter should be replaced every seven days, but you can purchase more here. 10% off proceeds from the masks will go to local COVID efforts.

Rails Non-Medical Masks (5 Pack)

While the design of the non-medical masks remain a mystery on Rails’ website, a little digging through their Instagram turns up this post featuring an assortment of solid and plaid masks in summery hues, all crafted from custom assorted Rails’ fabrics. For every purchase of the 100% cotton masks the brand will be donating a pack to essential workers and businesses in their local community.

Mack Weldon 2-Pack Mask

These masks source the same fabric mixture as our favorite pair of Mack Weldon boxers: butter-soft Supima cotton laced with real, antimicrobial silver (used in garments for years by both NASA and U.S. Special Forces). Each mask has three protective layers, illustrated here, for shape, water-resistance and particle blocking.

Rag & Bone Stealth Mask

This black-and-white gingham mask from Rag & Bone (made from upcycled ready-to-wear fabrics) will result in the donation of a mask to those most affected by COVID-19. In addition, each individual purpose allows the brand to donate $5 to City Harvest, a food rescue organization that helps to deliver meals to those most in need.

Under Armour Sports Mask

Under Armour’s Sports Mask has already proven to be wildly popular, evidenced by how fast it sells out. Luckily, you might finally be able to get your hands on one when you pre-order now. The mask is ideal for working out, thanks to the performance tech that the brand put into it; UA cycled through multiple prototypes before it settled on its hyper-breathable polyurethane open-cell foam. So yes, you can actually run while wearing it with no fear of passing out.

Everlane The 100% Human Face Mask Three-Pack

It was only a matter of time before Everlane began making their own face masks and their three-pack 100% Human Face Masks have finally hit the market. The masks are made from double-layer cotton and feature cotton-Lycra ear loops so they’re easily adjustable. Ten percent of all sales from the masks will be donated to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund. While there’s no going wrong with a black face mask, we’re partial to the tie-dye pack.

Hedley & Bennett Wake Up and Fight Masks

If you’re a cool chef, or at the very least aspire to be one, then you’re probably already familiar with Hedley & Bennett, purveyors of chic and durable aprons, among other chef gear. Now the brand is throwing their hat in the mask game, with their Wake Up and Fight Masks. The masks are made from either 100% cotton or 60/40 cotton-poly blend. Each mask features a flexible metal nose piece (so you’ll no longer have to constantly be adjusting it) as well as an inner filter pocket for those days when you just want a little extra protection. And in the event you happen to buy the masks in bulk, the inside of the mask features a name tag, so there’s no risk of getting yours switched up with anyone else’s.

Huckberry Merino Wool Face Mask 2-Pack

Don’t be dissuaded by the merino wool of these Huckberry masks, as it was chosen for its ability to wick moisture, keep odor at bay, be breathable and regulate temperature. In other words, walking around on a warm day will be a breeze, and it won’t give one the sensation of choking on their own breath. For every mask sold Huckberry will be donating $5 to the Opportunity Fund’s “Small Relief Business Fund,” a program that works to help small businesses experiencing the negative economic impact of COVID-19, especially businesses run by women, immigrants and people of color.

adidas Face Covers M/L 3-Pack

Working out while wearing a face mask can be a struggle, but adidas is making it easier to practice ‘healthy habits’ with their new Face Covers, breathable “sports” masks that lend themselves well to exercise and other physical activity. The brand will be donating $2 from every pack sold to the Save the Children’s Global Coronavirus Response Fund.

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