The Current Session Sale Is Right on Time for 4/20

Use our exclusive codes to save on some of the finest-looking weed gear on the market

Session bong and one hitter on a abstract background
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We’ve sworn by Session products ever since we tried their classic glass pipe. The charcoal-colored glass, small size and rubber sleeve made it convenient enough to carry around or leave on a shelf at home. Then we fell in love with other Session products such as the Bong and One Hitter Pipe. Smoking has become a more elevated hobby in recent years, and we believe in finding the best products to support your smoking habit.

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Right now you can grab the Session Bong for 20% off with the exclusive InsideHook code 420HOOK. When you use our code you also get access to different tiers of gifts depending on how much you spend. If you spend $75 you’ll receive stash pods and stash tubes and if you spend $150 they’ll throw in a Veil Odor Eliminator Spray. If you decide to pick up the classic Session Bong and pipe, which we highly recommend, you get even more gifts like the Stash tube, pods and Sackville Signature Grinder. Session also has a collaborative Glow collection that features green borosilicate glass and glow-in-the-dark silicone, which you can get for 20% off using our other code 25IH420. If you’re also thinking of dropping a small bag on all the Session products, use the code 42023IH on any order over $300 you get 20% off. These deals are live throughout the month, so this is the best time to elevate your weed game and dispose of the grimy bong you’ve been lugging around for the last few years. Take a few tokes and thank us later.

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