Dad Grass’s George Harrison CBD Joints Are a Mellow Musichead’s 4/20 Dream

The Harrison estate teamed up with Dad Grass for a collection celebrating the 50th anniversary of "All Things Must Pass"

April 14, 2022 6:30 am
The Dad Grass and George Harrison "All Things Must Grass" collection, a lineup of CBD/CBG joints, rolling papers, ashtrays, rolling trays, pins, stickers and more
The George Harrison-inspired "All Things Must Grass" collection.
Dad Grass

Any Beatles fan should already know that George Harrison had to put up with a lot. But 2021’s Get Back docuseries highlighted just how much The Quiet One endured during the sessions for Let It Be: the occasional electric shock from a mic, an infamous squabble with Paul McCartney over a guitar part, some vicious taunting from John Lennon over “I Me Mine,” and a general sense of feeling shut out by McCartney and Lennon that ultimately led to him briefly quitting the band. Even the poor guy’s concerns about the rooftop concert fell on deaf ears.

Through it all, Harrison displayed an almost zen-like patience, likely due to a combination of his natural constitution and his devotion to transcendental meditation. But his affinity for the occasional cannabis product probably didn’t hurt either.

In continued celebration of of Harrison’s legendary All Things Must Pass album, the folks at Dad Grass are continuing their collaboration with the Harrison estate to help dads and non-dads alike mellow out.

The star of the aptly named “All Things Must Grass” collection is the George Harrison-branded, special blend of pre-rolled hemp CBD joints (which don’t contain THC, meaning they’re legal everywhere and won’t get you high) that come in a box designed to look like the All Things Must Pass cassette. But the lineup also includes signature rolling papers, an ashtray, a rolling tray, a limited-edition poster, enamel buttons and a bumper sticker.

Dad Grass

“This whole thing started with a casual conversation about the fun things that could be done to celebrate the 50th anniversary of George’s iconic album All Things Must Pass,” Dad Grass co-founders Ben Starmer and Joshua Katz told InsideHook in a statement. “We both grew up listening to it on our parents’ record player and it’s been on constant rotation ever since.”

“So when Dhani [Harrison] threw out the silly pun ‘All Things Must Grass,’ well…the rest pretty much wrote itself,” they added. “Working on a project like this, with their team, was incredible and so much fun. George’s humor was really the northstar of the concept. So for us, basically a dad joke brand that happens to sell joints, it was a dream.”

Starmer and Katz worked in conjunction with the Harrison family to develop a special blend that combines the best of their regular products — their Dad Grass CBD Joints and their Mom Grass CBG Joints.

“Dad Grass CBD Joints and Mom Grass CBG Joints are, in some ways, the equivalent of single origin coffees,” they explain. “Meaning, the CBD flower in a Dad Grass joint is all the same strain, from the same batch, grown at the same farm. The George Harrison Special Blend is our first time actually blending two different types of hemp flower together. We felt that this celebration of George Harrison was a fitting occasion for our first blend because he was, in a lot of ways, a mystic blend himself. A blend of cultures, styles, times, you name it.”

“When we set out to craft this all new kind of joint, the logical starting point was to mix CBD and CBG flower together. CBD for physical harmony and CBG for mental clarity…. Over the past year and a half, we sourced, blended and, of course, smoked hundreds of variations. Different strains of CBD and CBG flower from our different farm partners. Different ratios for the blend of the two types of flower. Different techniques for grinding and mixing. We’re pretty proud of what we ultimately rolled up. A special blend that we hope is worthy of George’s name and legacy.”

And if “All Things Must Grass” has inspired you to go digging through your record collection in search of other cannabis-related puns, have no fear: The Dad Grass guys insist that the George Harrison collection is “just part one of what we have planned” and insist that more artistic collaborations are on the horizon.

“There will only ever be one George Harrison. And there are few artistic masterpieces as special as All Things Must Pass, so this collection sets the highest of bars,” they said. “That said, there’s a few other artists we’d love to take a toke with. Legends who, like George, were pioneers in their fields. Style icons. Humanitarians. Groovy guys and gals. Inspirations for our generation and those before us. But we also love to think about what we could do with contemporary artists. The revolutionaries of today and tomorrow who are working hard to make the world a more fun and harmonious place.”

Until then, you can check out the George Harrison Special Blend here, or check out the entire collection below.

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