Bang & Olufsen’s Wireless Earbuds Offer a Unique Transparency (and $75 Savings)

Adjust outside noise to your specific needs

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My problem with wireless earbuds is that sometimes people don’t notice I have them in, and they interact with me accordingly, as if I’m fully attuned to the world and paying attention.

So I look rude.

As well, I’ve certainly missed real world cues (somebody’s passing me on my right just as I’m shifting that direction, a train is skipping my stop) when I’m earbud-cocooned in my music or podcast.

So now I’m late and possibly an unintentional menace to the crowds around me.

Good news is that Bang & Olufsen offers a pair of wireless earbuds with “transparency mode,” which allows you to adjust real world noise to your liking (via an app, which also allows increased audio tweakings).

The Beoplay E8s are also discreet, built with touch-control pads on both buds (in case you don’t want to deal with your phone or the app), and, true to the Danish brand’s heritage, sound wonderful. Plus, they’re currently $75 off at Huckberry — and getting high-end wireless buds under $300, let alone $225, is a rarity.

To be fully transparent (heh), B&O has announced a 2.0 version coming this spring with a wireless charging case — which is awesome — but that’s gonna cost you upwards of $350. 

BUY hERE: $224

Photos: Via Huckberry

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