B&O’s New TV Rotates With You as You Gallivant About the Room

It's remote-controlled in more ways than one

August 30, 2017 9:00 am

Remember the two-or-three man job that moving a TV used to entail?

Now, it’s a one-man button push.

The upcoming BeoVision Eclipse, a partnership between Bang & Olufsen and LG, already scores on both picture and sound (the black glass/anodized aluminum design ain’t bad, either). But it also wins on ease of movement.

The set’s 4K HDR OLED screen promises “absolute blacks and virtually infinite contrast levels.” And the integrated 450-watts, three-channel speaker system pretty much outdoes any third-party soundbar on the market (it’ll also stream your music and pair with up to eight B&O Multiroom speakers if you want sound throughout the house).

But what truly sets this, uh, set apart is the sheer laziness it induces: A motorized floor stand means you can position the Eclipse anywhere you want and turn it almost ninety degrees, all controlled from your BeoRemote One. (Rather have a wall mount? A motorized version will allow you do the same from-couch maneuvering up to 60 degrees).

The Eclipse will be available in September in both 55” and 65” sizes, starting at $10,990.

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