Summer’s Hottest Accessory Is Ashley Olsen’s Machete

It's not just about the machete — it's about the vibe

SOG Machete
Machetes are like, so hot right now.

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I’ve never wanted a machete until now. This sudden desire can be attributed to one-Ashley Olsen, who, in a rare instance, was recently photographed traipsing through the woods with a machete in tow.

Considering the secrecy that surrounds the Olsens’ lives, any photo was bound to send the Internet (or at least the portion of the Internet that consists of Olsen disciples like myself) into a frenzy, but one in which an Olsen is carrying something as uncharacteristic as a machete sent it into overdrive.

It’s not just the randomness of the machete that’s so enthralling but the vibe Ashley emanates as she carries it. Clad in near head to toe breezy whites, with the exception of a backwards black baseball cap, black tank, black Yeezy Boosts and the standard face-obscuring sunglasses, Olsen looks entirely at ease, as though she were standing on a Manhattan sidewalk, exchanging the usual cigarette and venti Starbucks for a machete and what appears to be a glass of beer.

Whether the machete in question was for clearing bush and blazing trails or pure aesthetic, all we know is that we desperately want to catch the same vibe as Ashley on our next hike, and are thus in dire need of one. While we’re unsure of the exact brand and design she’s carrying in the photo, SOG’s SOGfari’s 18″ Machete looks near identical to Olsen’s — sleek, matte black and complete with a serrated edge. For those who’ve never handled a machete before, SOG’s is ideal for beginners, neither too heavy nor too light and featuring comfortable handles for extended use. Even better, the it retails for mere $35, making it an unexpected must-have for this summer. Because if Ashley Olsen hikes through the woods with a machete, then we should all hike through the woods with a machete.

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