Become Lord of Your Own Tiny Empire With This Real-Life SimCity Kit

Beware the proletariat

May 10, 2017 9:00 am

Whether they’re made on a computer screen or the trademarked square blocks that inspired the only recent Batman movie that was decent, there’s something we love about building mini cities.

Since it can be fun to go outside of the block and commence construction using a different kind of system, Dublin-based architect Damien Murtagh came up with an alternative called Arckit.

Developed while Murtagh was working on an actual modular building concept, the Arckit system is based on modern building techniques and features “click and connect” components everyone from kids to urban planners will enjoy snapping together and tearing apart time and again.

With a range of sets that incorporate features like squares, parks and everything in between, the Arckit system is supposed to appeal to city builders of all ages, attention levels and finger sizes.

Arckit Sytem (3 images)

“Architects have always used physical working models. However, cutting and gluing materials together is no longer feasible due to time and cost constraints,” Murtagh says. “By removing technical barriers, Arckit has opened up architectural design and precision scaled model-making to everyone for the first time ever.”

Currently funding on Kickstarter, Arckit sets start at around $21 and will be out in September.

Watch out for Godzilla.

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