Deal: Today’s the Best Day to Buy a Phone Charger

Anker’s cords, power banks and wall chargers are up to 50% off


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Maybe you recently bought a new iPhone. Or maybe you’ve owned a Samsung phone for years and you’re laughing at Apple’s “new” features

Either way, you need to stay charged. And as someone who recently endured a three-day music fest with a dying iPhone 7, a three-year old off-brand power bank and a charging cord that my phone “didn’t recognize” half the time I plugged it in, I can attest to the need for covering all your powering-up options with the latest charging gear … by a reputable brand.

Thankfully, Anker’s latest sale on power banks, charging cords, wireless chargers and wall chargers is an ideal way to get your charge fix all at once. Some of the prices here are half off, and there’s a charging device to fit your exact needs, whether you’re at your desk, traveling or stuck in the mud in the middle of a Chicago park, watching a circle pit break out during the Village People.

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD

For heavy power needs: Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD

It’s multiple high-speed charges for not just your phones, but also notebooks and laptops, thanks to USB-C and USB-A charging ports. And it’s now about half off.

PowerPort 4

For all your devices on the road: PowerPort 4

Compact with a foldable plug, you can charge four (corded) devices at once. 

PowerWave 10 Stand

For desktop wireless charging: PowerWave 10 Stand

Charge your wireless device either horizontally or vertically, so you can still read messages or watch movies. Plus, the stand has two additional high-speed USB-A ports for more tradition, plugged-in charges. Use the code EDMB2573 to save $11.

PowerWave 10 Dual Pad

For multiple wireless devices: PowerWave 10 Dual Pad

Get two of your cord-free devices charging at once, even through phone cases. Use the code EDMB2571 to save $12.

PowerLine II

For Apple users who still need cables: Anker Powerline II

A three-foot Lightning cable that Anker says can last 12x longer than other cables — we can’t verify, but they do offer a lifetime warranty. At $8 with the code ANKERBD6, it’s at its lowest price ever and half of the equivalent at Apple; for a dollar more (and the code ANKER3FT) you can get the cord in red, black or blue.

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