Segway Helped Make a Suitcase and It Doesn’t Even Look Stupid

True to its name, the Puppy 1 will follow you around

January 5, 2018 9:00 am

We all know balance is important in life.

And anyone who’s ever had their roller suitcase take a dinger at the airport (as they are wont to do) can attest, it’s also important at the airport.

Which is why the prospect of a smart suitcase with self-balancing technology from Chinese luggage brand 90 Fun already has us thinking about how we can make an American knockoff.

Set to be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas, the 90 Fun Puppy 1 suitcase packs (heh) advanced balancing technology gleaned from its strategic partner, Segway. As for that kind of odd Puppy 1 name, 90 Fun bestowed it on the suitcase because, like a pup, it’ll follow its owner around.

The details on that feature are few, but 90 Fun says the Puppy 1 “can either follow you anywhere or be summoned by easily setting up the auto-following mode through remote control” thanks to its “custom auto-following chip and precise positioning system.”

We know a few more details about the two-wheeler (20 inches of packing space, carbon fiber composite construction, electric power) with perhaps the most important one being 90 Fun plans to start selling the Puppy 1 in the U.S. later this year.

“Targeting the U.S. market is the first step of 90 Fun’s international branding strategy,” according to 90 Fun CEO Miao Liu, “because this is where first adopters of new technology gather and the strong curiosity inherent in this region makes it a perfect place to launch our smart suitcase.”

Let’s get that Pooch 2 knockoff going, stat.

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