10 Items That'll Get Your Dog Through the Dog Days of Summer

Because you're not the only one battling the heat

August 19, 2020 8:43 am
10 Items That'll Get Your Dog Through the Dog Days of Summer

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This story is part of our Dog Days Survival Guide, a collection of essays, recommendations and how-tos to help you get through the hottest days of the year.

A few weeks ago, my family’s central AC unit blew — a devastating occurrence considering the unbearably hot temperatures. The humans in the household were not faring well in the sticky heat, and neither was our family dog, a stout Jack-Russel and Pug mix who, genetically, already has a tough time catching her breath. So we brought her down to the somewhat cooler basement and plopped her in front of a portable air conditioner we thankfully still owned.

While we’re battling the heat, we can sometimes forget our furry friends are, in fact, very furry and are having an equally terrible time. In the event you find yourself without air-conditioning, you might want to have a backup cooling option for your hound on hand, or just some gear to prevent them from overheating while playing outdoors.

Luckily there are mountains of products designed to keep your pup and other pets cool and relaxed indoors and out, from adorable dog pools to cooling bandanas, elevated pet beds, freezable water bowls and more. So below, we’ve rounded up ten highly rated cooling products that’ll help your dog get through the dog days of summer.

The Green Pet Shop Self-Cooling Dog Pad

A cooling pad is a super simple way to keep your pet cool, and this best-selling self-cooling pad from The Green Pet Shop is pressure-activated, meaning you don’t have to plug it in or even throw it in the freezer. All your pet has to do is press its cute lil paws down and the mat’s non-toxic gel-infused formula will begin to absorb your pet’s body heat and cool them down.

Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Dog Cooling Vest

This Ruffwear Swamp Cooler vest is primed for hot outdoor activity, keeping your pup cool and protected from the sun during hikes and long days at the park, with to its reflective outer layer. All you have to do is place it in water, wring it out and snuggle it on your dog.

The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

Not only will this elevated bed make your pet feel super regal, but it’ll also keep them feeling pretty breezy, thanks to its breathable high-density polyethylene fabric and off-the-ground design that promotes airflow on all sides. The bed is easy to clean, lightweight enough to transport indoors and out, and its suspended platform creates low-impact areas for added joint comfort.

O2COOL 5-inch Pet Crate Fan

This compact, battery-operated fan is obviously great for keeping your pet cool in its crate, but it’s also super handy in case of power outages, or for traveling in the car.

Highwave AutoDogMug

A portable water bottle is essential, and this highly rated, BPA-free bottle holds 20 ounces, is easily portable, features a leak-free design and an adjustable hook-and-loop strap that can be attached to your wrist or bag.

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

Is there anything more adorable than a dog pool? Perhaps your adorable pup relaxing in said adorable dog pool. This Jasonwell foldable pool is super portable, made with a highly durable material to prevent slips and tears, and is available in multiple sizes.

Ruffwear Grip Trex Boots

Keep your dog’s paws protected from the hot pavement with Ruffwear’s durable, highly functional Grip Trex Boots. The outsole is built to handle long distances and rugged landscapes, offering a flexible grip. Plus when the temps drop, they make for great snow booties.

Pawslife Cooling Bandana in Blue

With this cooling bandana, your dog will look and feel like the coolest pupper around town. Like the cooling vest above, all you have to do is soak the bandana in cold water, wring and velcro on.

Polar Bowl

Constructed with double-walled stainless steel and a freezable gel core, the Polar Bowl is designed to keep your pet’s water ice cold for hours. Just pop it in the freezer before use.

Outdoor Dog Drinking Water Fountain

If your dog enjoys chasing water from sprinklers, they’ll love this outdoor drinking water fountain. The device seamlessly attaches to your garden faucet or hose and dispenses clean water when pressed, so your pup can play while hydrating. And by proof of the very wholesome videos posted by satisfied customers, it’ll certainly be a gadget both you and your dog will enjoy.

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