The Weirdest Findings From the Uber Eats 2023 Cravings Report

Would you pair steak with jelly?

An Uber eats worker on a bicycle November 19, 2022 in Cardiff, Wales
Did any of your strange preferences make the list?
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Every year, Uber Eats releases a “Cravings Report” that breaks down the state of food delivery in the United States. Last year’s report was pretty predictable: breakfast sandwiches with American cheese and pairings like burritos and Margaritas made the cut without a snag. And while the 2023 report has some no-brainer data (French fries and Pad Thai were among the most ordered items; “no onions” was the most popular delivery request), it also highlighted findings that show just how fucking weird people can be. Let’s get started and take a look, shall we?

Rosé Sales Were Down This Summer

Okay, this isn’t that weird, especially because last season was arguably the summer of chilled red wine. But I have to admit, I’m surprised that summer’s juiciest beverage saw a decline in delivery sales this year. 

People Went Hard in 2023

I love you all for this: Scott Unscented Toilet Paper Rolls, Plan B One-Step Emergency Contraceptive and Covid-19 Antigen Home Tests were the three most popular non-food items ordered this year. Because along with that breakfast sandwich, what else do you really need after a night out, amiright?

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Flavor Combos Are Getting Stranger

According to the report, these were the top five most unexpected food combos: steak and jelly (a play on lamb and mint jelly maybe, which is also weird); cottage cheese and mustard (gross); condensed milk and avocado (is this a smoothie I don’t know about?); seaweed and pasta sauce (weird but okay); and butter and pickled onions (this would undoubtedly make a nice snack if spread on good bread). 

Unconventional Drink and Food Pairings Had a Moment

The number one most frequently paired food and alcohol was a ribeye with vodka, which makes total sense because who doesn’t love a steakhouse Martini (and RIP to Sammy’s Roumanian — if you know, you know). But after that, things start to get strange. A cheeseburger with a Margarita was the second most frequent alcohol and food pairing, though I don’t blame anyone for living out their Parrothead fantasies. But perhaps the most disgusting pairing clocked in at number four: lobster tail and apple whiskey. How did this combo even make this list? I’m truly appalled. 

Unique Delivery Requests Were as Wild as Ever

This is perhaps the best part of the report, where Uber Eats lists out the strangest, one-off requests they received. Here are some of our personal favorites from 2023:

  • Extra cheese sauce please 🙂 I’ll pay for it. I’m also drunk asf so if you load it up you’d make me the happiest drunk girl ever.
  • Put it in a box instead of a circle container. I refuse to eat any food if presented in a circle container. Please don’t ruin my meal for me.
  • I have braces and it is difficult for me to chew. Please please chop my salad and all ingredients in small, small pieces.
  • Please drench the whole bowl in white sauce with a spiral of red sauce!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Just do what I ask.
  • Life isn’t all lighthearted laughing and good times, life is sometimes really messy. As I kicked off my shoes and decompressed from the hourly shit show I call a career, I pondered where I would get my dinner. I went and made my order and when that order came into my home, my fortress of solitude, my day was saved. Gone was the stress, hunger and curmudgeonly attitude I was harboring.

To check out all of the 2023 Uber Eats findings, check out the full report.


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