Uber Eats’ 2022 Cravings Report Reveals That Americans Are Predictable as Ever

You can probably guess which delivery trends topped the charts this year

December 9, 2022 1:43 pm
overhead shot of a takeout meal including a burger, salad and tortilla chips
Did your favorite takeout make the list?
Getty Images

The United States is a culinary melting pot, but it seems that our takeout habits don’t stray too far from the good old wings and beer combo. Uber Eats released its 2022 Cravings report this week (which also includes data from other Uber-owned platforms like Postmates and Drizly), and a lot of the delivery trends are pretty standard, by American standards.

We still love a greasy, carby hangover cure, as French fries and hash browns were among the most popular dishes ordered on Thanksgiving morning to recover from Thanksgiving eve. Some of the most popular delivery combos this year were chicken sandwiches and fries, pancakes and sausage, and breakfast sandwiches with American cheese.

As for beverages, burritos and margaritas, pizza and White Claw, and wings and beer made the top five most frequently paired food and alcohol. But Americans also continue to get inspiration on TikTok. After the Negroni Sbagliato went viral, Campari purchases jumped almost 75%. And it seems the “sober-curiosity” movement has no signs of slowing, as Uber Eats orders for non-alcoholic beers, wines and spirits spiked 300% this year.  

We could have guessed most of the above, but there was one big surprise in the report. It seems Americans’ love for ranch is dwindling, or maybe people have just stopped drowning every possible morsel in the salad dressing. “Ranch,” “extra ranch” and “side of ranch” were some of the most requested special instructions on Uber Eats pre-pandemic, but this year they didn’t even crack the top 20. However, sushi and ranch did make the list of most unexpected combos in the 2022 report, which means not all hope is lost for how gross we actually are.


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