Van Leeuwen Created an Extra Smelly Ice Cream to Celebrate “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”

Fans of the sweet and savory will probably love the film-inspired confection

van leeuwen glass onion ice cream on a tray with a coupe glass
Would you try the new flavor?

In our opinion, Van Leeuwen makes some of the best ice cream in the country (and has fabulous cashew cream and oat milk versions for the lactose-intolerant among us). They’re also known for their sometimes weird and wacky flavors, like the collaboration they did with Kraft for a macaroni and cheese ice cream. Now, Van Leeuwen has teamed up with Netflix for a special flavor to celebrate Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

The confection starts with a base of Van Leeuwen’s vanilla ice cream with a touch of Greek yogurt for added tanginess. Speckled throughout is the brand’s famous crystallized honeycomb candy and a swirl of bourbon caramelized onion jam. When we first realized there was actual onion in this ice cream, we definitely cringed at the thought of such a smelly ice cream topping. But caramelized onions do have a deep umami sweetness, which surely gives this dessert a typically-beloved sweet and savory flavor.

It seems the cast of Glass Onion agrees, as they made comments like “I can’t stop eating it” and “I’m into it” during a video tasting of the new flavor. Director Rian Johnson even said, “It’s like having the movie in your mouth,” so I guess Van Leeuwen did a pretty good job of channeling those vibes into the weird ice cream. 

The new flavor is available to purchase at NYC and Los Angeles Van Leeuwen locations, as well as through mail order on their website


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