Want a Beer? Click This Button.

Amazon Dash for cold ones, basically

September 8, 2016 9:00 am

Whether or not you have had the chance to dabble with the near instantaneous gratification of Amazon’s Dash button, I think we can all agree on its most glaring omission: beer.

But today, we can all put our misgivings to rest.

The UK’s Carling Brewery just announced the launch of their very own instant “beer button” on the heels of Dash’s official debut across the pond. Coincidence? We think not. Those Brits are a cheeky lot.

They’re also a drinking lot.

The device — which is designed to be mounted on a fridge — grants drinkers the power to re-up on beer with a single tap. Unlike Amazon Dash, to the dismay of every hooligan under the Union Jack, the button doesn’t instantly ship the product. Instead, Carling’s button just throws a case of beer in an online shopping cart for one of five local retailers.

Which begs the question: This really necessary?

Suppose it depends on how much you like beer. It’s certainly drunk-proof.


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