This Invincible Cooler Will Keep Your Beer Cold When the Apocalypse Comes

The icebox 40 years of military contracts built

August 29, 2016 9:00 am

A company that spent four-plus decades building protective cases for the military and emergency services now wants to … keep your beer cold?

New from Pelican, the Elite Cooler is an insulated polypropylene icebox for your brews and other tailgating necessities that can pretty much survive dropping off a cliff.

Ranging from 20 to 250 quarts, the Elite Coolers feature a stainless steel bottle opener, two-inch insulation, four cup holders and a freezer-grade 360-degree seal that allows ice retention for multiple days. And press-and-pull latches that’ll lock in your tailgating goodies nice and tight.

Now, rugged isn’t light: the 30 quart Cooler, for example, weighs almost 22 pounds (we suggest the 55 QT, which comes with wheels).

But Pelican does offer a lifetime guarantee.

And really, you can’t be too careful at a tailgate.


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