Staff Picks: All the Things Our Editors Fell in Love With This Week

Sherpa-lined jean jackets. Punk tumblers. Dad caps. Let’s go.

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Welcome to InsideHook’s Staff Picks, a compendium of what our editors are digging recently.

Pendleton National Park Scarf
The best scarf I’ve ever owned is from Urban Outfitters. Don’t write me off yet, ya snobs. The reason it’s bested all others is simple: it’s big. So while most men I saw out and about when the windchill dropped below zero on Monday were stretching dainty merino scarves to their limits, I was double wrapped around my neck and face. You couldn’t even see me smirking. So pick up this Pendleton option, or the even bigger “Cozy Scarf,” and stay warm out there. — Alex Lauer, Senior Editor


Korchmar Lux Ryder Leather Dopp Kit
Korchmar has been in the bag game for over a century, and their handcrafted leather wares are always damn handsome and well executed (and primarily made in the USA). Until this week, though, I had never seen their toiletry kit — and it’s a game changer. Sure, the full-grain aniline leather is supple and beautiful. But it’s the size that counts here: 11” x 5” x 6”, with snap down buttons on the end so you can expand it even more. I’d been going rather minimalist and small with my old Dopp kits … this one seems eager for me to take my entire bathroom routine along for the ride. — Kirk Miller, Nation Editor/Managing Editor


Flint & Tinder Sherpa-Lined Jean Jacket
I think we can all agree that wearing a jean jacket is a very cool thing to do. And I think we can also all agree that if you showed up wearing a sherpa-lined jean jacket to a jean jacket party (they exist?) you would suddenly become Stefan Urquelle and all those previously cool, normal jean jacket-wearing people would be turned in to a room full of Steves. Family Matters references aside, I recently got my hands on this jacket, and other than being very cool, I’ve also, paradoxically, been very warm. It features an absurdly soft body lining along with smooth polyester lined sleeves for easy arm entry and exit (which in my opinion is an underrated quality to look for in a jacket). Be warned, the warmth factor on this thing is pretty high, so don’t wear it in anything over 45 ºF or you’ll be sweating. — Eli London, Director of Partnerships and User Acquisition


Frank and Oak’s Washed Cotton “Dad” Cap
Dads have become style icons. Balenciaga made popular the ugly “Dad Sneaker” trend with their Triple S Sneakers, the “Dad Bod” became a desirable physique, and Urban Outfitters started selling $60 Champion sweatshirts, a brand my father had been wearing for thirty years. Well, now you can literally rock the Dad trend from head to toe with Frank and Oak’s Washed Cotton “Dad” Cap. The cap is made from 100% cotton, designed in Canada, and the label is plastered on the front. So you will encounter at least one dad joke about how you’re wearing your hat inside out, but hey it comes with the territory. — Logan Mahan, Editorial Intern

BUY IT HERE: $29.50

Tribe Single Resistance Band
Alright, sun’s setting on January, and you either A) didn’t get a gym membership, B) got one and remembered six minutes in how many oafs hang out at the gym or C) need a new exercise, STAT. I got you. Former Giants punter turned Muscle Fitness cover-boy Steve Weatherford is trying to add two inches of muscle to his arms by the end of April, and he starts each workout by attacking this band for as long as he can manage. How does it work? Stand on the rubber part with both feet. Hold on to each handle vertically, like you’re about to take off in a jet pack. Then do “curls” (elbows in) for 50 reps. Quick break. Repeat. My arms have been fried all day. Tanner Garrity, Associate Editor


Vacuvin Vacuum Wine Saver
My wife is not a big wine drinker, and my daughters are only eight and four, so I’m not yet sure how they feel about wine. All of which is to say that I often open bottles that I don’t quite finish. I mentioned this to my mother exactly once (I don’t know, you guys), and so this past Christmas, she purchased me the Vacuvin Vacuum Wine Saver from QVC (I don’t know, you guys). At first I sorta rolled my eyes and dismissed it as junk, but I’m officially here to say that it works every bit as well as I need it to work. I’ve sealed bottles for as long as five days and then gone back to ”˜em and detected no fall-off whatsoever. It’s easy to use and it certainly seems durable enough. Also, it’s currently being sold as a set of three, which my mom thought was just great, since I could take home bottles I open at her house, too. (“But you’ll just bring them home, and I’ll never get them back,” she quickly realized.) There are fancier, pricier options out there, but I can’t imagine why they’re necessary. — Mike Conklin, Executive Editor


Nachtmann Punk Double Old Fashioned Tumblers
In truth, few things are less punk than ordering a cocktail that calls for more than one ingredient. (Imagine walking into CBGBs and asking for a Boulevardier.) But whiskey glasses just look better with a bit of panache, and the studded-jacket motif on these puppies more than suffices. You can also pick up a set of four for $40, which is a bargain this editor cannot refuse. — Walker Loetscher, Editor in Chief


Dr. Martens 8053 “Gaucho Crazy Horse”
Got these as a Christmas gift from my brother and they have been absolutely KILLING it for me all month. Typically, crap weather means boots and that’s all well and good, but sometimes I’d like a shoe option that can still handle the elements — enter this handsome pair of “Docs” crafted from brawny, oil-finished leather and sporting the brand’s signature air-cushioned sole that not only navigates a slick city sidewalk with aplomb, but is damn comfy to boot (pardon the pun). Rounds out pretty much any casual kit nicely and also gives me a chance to show off a bit of the woolly socks I also naturally received during the holidays. — Danny Agnew, Creative Director



We got to make drinks and spend some time with FACUNDO rum brand ambassador Robert Nieves this week during a cocktail class, so we’re gonna go ahead and recommend the entire collection of these blended, rare and decidedly elevated rums. You’ll can sip on any of these — in particular, the 23-year Paraiso — but the Eximo works great in an Old Fashioned and the Neo can replace any white rum in a cocktail and add some gravitas and complexity. (Also, if you’re in New York or Miami, you can take a cocktail class with the Facundo team via ReserveBar).


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