Staff Picks: All the Stuff Our Editors Fell in Love With This Week

Comfy winter jackets. Cashmere sweaters. After dinner games.

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Welcome to InsideHook’s Staff Picks, a compendium of what our editors are digging recently.

Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner
Before we all carried tiny computers with the history of everything around in our pockets, entertainment was hard. So when you had company over, it paid to know a few parlor tricks. Helping you revive that tradition: this set of 21 cards with how-to instructions on everything from Champagne sabrage to opening a wine bottle with a shoe. — Walker Loetscher, Editor in Chief


“Raise Hell, Kid” Banner
I fell head over heels for this banner way back when we first covered Oxford Pennant, and mindfully saved it for a rainy day (my Christmas list). I literally have a slab of wall all roped off for its hanging coronation. Why do I love it so much? I don’t know. It makes me happy. Oxford’s description declares it a “big banner for those who make an equally big ruckus.” The message is both exhortatory and cheeky. The font is sweet. The color scheme is a classic. And the whole thing’s hand-stitched with supple wool by an Oxford sewer. Raise hell, indeed. Tanner Garrity, Associate Editor


Sidney Luxcore Cashmere Zip Sweater
The idea behind North & Mark is they fuse the technical know-how of activewear with the styling cues of classic men’s outerwear. The idea behind zip sweaters is that you get the easy wear of hoodies with the comfort and (usually) better material of a well-made “jumper” (as my Aussie girlfriend would say). Long story short: this is a handsome, cozy cashmere sweater that fits well over dress shirts — something I can’t say about a lot of non-zip wares — and offers some real technical benefits (moisture wicking, machine washable, etc.). Also currently 30% off with free priority shipping with the code NMHOLIDAY. — Kirk Miller, Managing Editor


Timex + Todd Snyder Beekman Watch
All of my watches have been recently rendered non-functional thanks to a combination of clumsiness (broken face) and laziness (dead batteries I refused to replace). So I did what any smart person would do and bought a new one when Todd Snyder was having a sale. This timepiece has both function (it tells you what time it is) and form (it looks very good on your wrist, thanks to the leather band and unique face). Plus, it has an INDIGLO dial you that lights up the face in a dark room, so you don’t have to be that philistine who pulls out his phone at the movies to check the time. — Eli London, Director of Partnerships and User Acquisition


The Rover Jacket in Waxed Wool
I love me some wintertime wool, but the duds I recently unpacked for the season favor blood circulation over comfort and style. One is a coat that attracts raindrops like a magnet, the other a sweater that feels like a million tiny Norman Bateses slashing my skin if I don’t have a layer underneath. The new edition of Taylor Stitch’s Rover Jacket solves both of those problems. Not only is the birdseye wool from the historic Abraham Moon Mill in Leeds (since 1837!), it’s weatherproofed by the waxed fabric experts at Halley Stevensons. Trust the Brits on this one. — Alex Lauer, Senior Editor


New Balance 574 Mid
Chalk this week’s staff pick up to your correspondent being careless enough to drop a 45lb dumbbell on his foot, resulting in a broken toe that makes wearing non-sneakers both painful for me and frustrating for anyone needing me to “keep up.” Enter these handsome leather numbers from NB, which are not only comfy enough to accommodate even a clumsy git’s cracked phalange, but actually look quite dapper paired with holiday kits like chinos and a fair isle sweater. Raise a toast to happy accidents! Danny Agnew, Creative Director



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Just launched in the U.S., Tequila Mi CAMPO is a 100% Blue Weber agave tequila that makes its mark in three ways: the bold bottle design (courtesy of Mexico City artist Raul Urias) that honors the original tequila making process, the aging (in Napa Valley wine barrels) and the price point ($25). Hailing from the same distillery that crafts Casa Noble — which we obviously love — Mi CAMPO’s Reposado was a particular standout. Rested in Cab Sauvignon and Pinot Noir barrels for three months, the Repo is a smooth sipper that works best on its own.

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