In Rare Form

By The Editors
May 8, 2013 9:00 am

In times of celebration, you drink.

The bigger the accomplishment, the better the boisson, as the French say.

So, for truly extraordinary moments, take a celebratory sip of the rarest cognac in the world: the $22K Louis XIII Rare Cask, available now for pre-order.

Nurtured by the House of Remy Martin, the Rare Cask was discovered by RM’s cellarmaster during a routine tasting inspection (Ed.’s note: Yes, best job ever) of the 100-year-old eaux de vie aging in Remy’s French stockrooms.

Only twice in 140 years has a cask been put aside for use.

And this one, of course, is exceptional. Notes of plum, dates, gingerbread. A subtle smokiness. Intensive aromas. A warm aftertaste. Perfectly balanced.

Each Rare Cask comes in one of 738 numbered black crystal decanters crafted by the Baccarat crystal house and adorned with 22-carat rose gold and quatrefoil engravings – all very Game of Thrones-like.

The $22,000 casks will be available to very select retailers and upscale hotels later this month, but to pre-order, call the Rare Cask Concierge at (212) 424-2202.

Time to celebrate.


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