Our Favorite Mail-Order Steak Company Just Intro’d A Perfect Ribeye

Their first new cut since 1917, now up to 66% off

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When you’ve been doing something better than anyone else for over a century, there’s no reason to change.

Omaha Steaks is a fifth-generation, family-owned shop that specializes in grain-fed, naturally aged steaks. All their steaks are “flash frozen” ahead of delivery — a seldom-seen practice that locks in the peak freshness and flavor of every cut. InsideHook actually awarded the company our favorite mail-order steak at our inaugural Great Steak Debate a few years back.

While Omaha’s certainly added produce over the years, their new Omaha-Cut Ribeye is the first new steak the company’s added to its lineup since 1917. According to the brand, the new cut is a response to growing size of cattle — now larger 10 oz. (or more) cuts have “led many restaurants and brands to skimp on quality and deliver thin, mediocre cuts.”

For the new cut, the butchers at Omaha Steaks take the very center of the ribeye and trim off all the exterior fat, leaving a juicy, tender and marbled ribeye that’s a perfect 6 oz. size. (The company still offers larger ribeye cuts if you want ‘em.) The result is a hand-carved, 21-day aged masterpiece, one with a rich, buttery flavor that cooks uniformly.

At launch, there are deals to be had: Four Omaha-Cut Ribeyes are $40 when you order with any other item (a 64% savings), while various OC ribeye combos are up to 66% off.

(Not looking for this particular cut? Omaha is also throwing a Restock Sale, promising “better than employee” discounts — which seems to mean 50-65% off steaks, ground beef, chicken, no-prep meals and more.)


Photos: Courtesy Omaha Steaks


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