When It Comes to Non-Toxic Nonstick Cookware, Caraway Does It Best

Plus, save almost $200 on the brand’s ceramic-coated Cookware Set

November 22, 2023 11:03 am
Caraway's best-selling Cookware Set.
Caraway's best-selling Cookware Set, now on sale.
It’s Your Last Chance to Save on Our Favorite Non-Stick Cookware

Makers of some of our favorite nonstick cookware, Caraway is letting customers save up to 20% off its core collection of kitchen essentials — including its good-looking food storage containers we love and its all-new stainless steel cookware set. Save 10% on orders over $85, 15% on orders over $425 and 20% off orders over $525. You’ll also have the chance to score a free tea kettle.

Nonstick pans are wildly popular for a reason. They’re often more affordable, feel light in your hand, allow you to cook with less oil and butter, and are easy to use — and maybe most importantly — easy to clean.

However, nonstick cookware can also raise a few eyebrows. Depending on what make and model, nonstick pans can lose their slick coating fast, easily be treated as “throw away gear” and in some cases start flaking off into your food. There are also the potential health concerns associated with nonstick cookware.  

That’s because most nonstick pans on the market are coated with a chemical called polytetrafluoroethylene, or more commonly referred to as Teflon or PTFE. The polymer coating essentially turns your pan into a slick, frictionless receptacle and keeps food from sticking in the pan while you fry, sauté, etc (hence, the easier to cook and clean with aspect). However, when pans exceed a certain temperature, the PTFE coating starts to release degradation particulates, which, if inhaled, can be lethal to birds and cause illness in humans. (Though this is rare and is associated mainly with the manufacturing of PTFE. Ingesting a small flake of nonstick coating is not considered dangerous.) Still, you’d probably prefer not to have your eggs with a side of Teflon, nor have to keep replacing your nonstick pan every time it begins to chip. The good news is that there is now a flurry of cookware brands offering nonstick pans made without PTFE — and we’ve cooked with many of them. However, we still find ourselves reaching for one brand in particular: Caraway

Caraway offers thoughtfully designed home goods completely free of toxic materials like PFAS, PTFE, PFOA. Instead, the brand’s kitchenware is coated with high-quality ceramic free of Teflon, lead, cadmium and other icky substances. Ceramic has a naturally slick surface, which means you can cook with minimal butter and oil, plus cleanup is a breeze (we also think it lends to the good-looking design.) 

Personally, I’ve been using the brand’s Sauté Pan for nearly a year now and recently got my hands on the rest of the pieces that make up Caraway’s best-selling Cookware Set — a 4-piece collection of non-toxic, non-stick pans, which include the 4.5 qt sauté pan, a 10.5” fry pan, a 3 qt saucepan and a 6.5q qt Dutch oven. 

Save almost $200 on the 4-piece cookware collection.

Beginning with design, the monochrome collection is, simply, nice to look at. Choose from eleven different colors, all of which include polished stainless steel handles. Compared to one very popular non-stick brand on the market, I find that Caraway’s pans are much easier to grip and feel easy to hand. The collection also includes a convenient pan & lid storage solution — an easily accessible rack for your pans and a lid holder that discreetly hangs on the back of your kitchen cabinet doors. 

In terms of how well they cook, I’ve had no issues with my Caraway sauté and fry pans, and use them almost daily to fry bacon, simmer stews and sauces, and sauté vegetables to perfection. This also means I wash them daily, something I would hate a lot more if not for how simple they are to clean. I’ve also had no issues with chipping or really any signs of wear, which I find shocking considering I’ve used the sauté pan, in particular, nearly every day for a year. 

Again, there is a slew of nonstick cookware on the market (many we’ve tried, like and recommend!), but if you’re in the market for reliable, safe and really nice-looking cookware, your best bet is with Caraway. 

All of the pieces featured in the Cookware Set can be purchased separately, if, say, you already own a Dutch oven and just need a new fry pan. However, you can get the complete 4-piece set for just $356 during Caraway’s Black Friday sale. (If you’re scrambling for gift ideas, this cookware collection makes for a good one). Or check out Caraway’s other home goods offerings which include bakeware, prepware, linens, tea kettles and our favorite food storage containers, all up to 20% off during Caraway’s only sale of the year


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