Stuff We Swear By: Caraway’s Premium Food Storage Set Is Worth the Splurge

And they're on sale right now

April 26, 2023 11:07 am
Yes, a food storage container changed my life.
Yes, a food storage container changed my life.

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This is Stuff We Swear By, a series in which our editors expound on an item they use (and love) on a daily (or near-daily) basis.

Item: Caraway Food Storage Set

Description: A 14-piece ceramic-coated glass container set from cookware brand Caraway, designed to not only store leftover food but keep it as fresh as the day you whipped it up. This is made possible with the containers’ tightly sealed glass lids, which feature smart “Air Release” tech. Beyond the technical aspects of these non-toxic receptacles (which are free of heavy metals, BPA and other harmful materials), Caraway’s take on Tupperware is extremely pleasing to the eye. I have the food storage set in the neutral shade Cream, but the collection is available in an assortment of colors, including a deep green, light blue and dark navy. The complete set includes five ceramic-coated glass containers of various sizes, four smaller boxes (for sauces, dressings, crackers and other sides), two durable straps to keep your containers from spilling on the go and convenient storage organizers to keep them neat and easily accessible when not in use.

How I use it: The most popular use case for reusable food containers is storing your leftovers. I do use Caraway’s fanciful storage set to keep leftovers, but they’re also handy for keeping chopped vegetables for meal prep and for when I need to bring my lunch or snacks the the office or park.

Why I swear by it: If you took a peek into my kitchen cupboards, you’d find an unnecessary (dare I say disturbing) number of reusable water bottles and food storage containers. Focusing on the latter issue, I don’t know why I have a surplus of plastic and glass containers to keep my food in. I have no children or live-in significant other. I’m just cooking for one here, and there is no valid reason or need to have twenty-something tiny bins, all from different brands, to keep my excess meals in. It’s definitely time to purge — especially because now I believe I’ve finally found my favorite food storage set.

Focusing purely on aesthetics for a sec, I’ve never received so many compliments on a food container before using this offering from Caraway. Actually, I don’t think I’d ever received a single compliment on a food container in my life. Since I started transporting my lunches to the office in the large container offering (an 8.55 x 8.55 x 2.61 sized option with a 10-cup capacity) I’ve had multiple coworkers stop in their tracks in front of my desk to admire it. The clean, modern design of the containers also makes eating leftovers a bit more desirable, IMO.

She’s a beaut.

But back to the technical specs, upon opening the product you can immediately sense a difference between Caraway’s food storage set and your basic piece of plastic Tupperware.

For starters, the containers feel noticeably solid and durable (which, admittedly, can make transporting a bit cumbersome, but even toting around the large container I don’t feel it’s a significant drag). Meanwhile, the glass lids suction so tightly onto their bases, I’ve occasionally struggled to yank them off, ensuring no spillage occurs while traveling, and also assuring me I’m getting the freshest leftovers possible. Even the dot and dash inserts — smaller receptacles that nest in the larger containers — which I, at first, thought I’d never use, are actually super convenient for keeping dressings and sauces separated.

Now I understand, $305 is an absurd price to pay for food storage containers. But if you meal prep, bring a lunch to work or just love leftovers, I think investing in a high-quality, extremely good-looking set of reliable food storage isn’t the craziest of ideas. And it feels silly to admit, but Caraway’s Food Storage Set has changed the way I eat for the better. I’m more inclined to cook at home, meal prep and save money (and reduce waste!) by eating leftovers from these attractive-looking, highly functional containers. Having a complete set of robust, matching containers (that sit neatly in their included storage rack) instead of a bottomless pit of old, stained plastic containers under my kitchen counter, makes me feel like I’ve somewhat got my shit together.

Also, for a limited time, you can cop Caraway’s Food Storage Set for $245, saving you 20% during the brand’s Mother’s Day sale. Coincidentally, this would make for a phenomenal gift for Mom, since it’s likely high time she retires her ancient set of Tupperware.

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