Gifting the Mirror Is the Ultimate Mother’s Day Flex, Literally

Don’t take it from me, take it from the women in my life

Updated April 25, 2023 9:26 am
A woman and man working out with the Mirror, a home fitness device embedded in a reflective mirror. We take a look at why the home gym is the perfect Mother's Day gift for 2022.
The home gym that masquerades as a mirror is an unimpeachable present.

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“You haven’t used the Mirror yet? Go take a foam roller class right now!” 

That was my own mother a few months ago when I went over to my parents’ house for Sunday dinner. Well, Sunday snacks, followed by board games, drinks and then dinner, as these things normally go. But instead of plying me with food first upon my arrival, she pointed me into the back hall and into the room with her new Mirror. That’s Mirror, capital “M,” the impossibly chic home fitness machine that’s housed in an actual mirror.

Gift Mom a Mirror, and Recieve a $100 Gift Card to Spend at lululemon

Starting today, April 25th, if you purchase a Mirror for Mother’s Day you’ll receive $100 to spend at lululemon with a promo card through Mother’s Day — that’s May 14, for those less-than-prepared men. It’s a real two-in-one special. Not only will Mom receive the sleek home fitness machine, but also a gift card to purchase some top-notch workout gear. (Or you can gift her the mirror and save the gift card for yourself, we won’t tell anyone.)

If my mom buying one (and subsequently championing it) was the only experience I had with the Mirror, that would be enough for me to make the argument I’m about to make. But it’s not. I also had the chance to personally test out the comprehensive exercise device in my own home for six weeks. After that trial period, sweating in my basement to classes ranging from leg-specific strength training to burpee-heavy cardio “Bootcamp,” I’m convinced that the Mirror has the potential to be one of those legendary Mother’s Day gifts that gets talked about every time the holiday rolls around again. “Remember when [insert your name] bought me my Mirror? How can anyone top that?!”

If the mother in your life (your mom, your wife, your active grandmother) finds joy in a daily sweat session, and you’re looking for a truly memorable present this Mother’s Day, the Mirror may just be the ultimate option, for a few key reasons. 

A mom, dad and young son working out with the Mirror, a home fitness machine. The exercise programming includes "Family Fun" classes which are meant to be done with kids under 12.
From Family Fun to Pre/Postnatal classes, Mirror features programming specifically for moms.

The Mom-centric Programming

Boxing, kickboxing, meditation and barre are just some of the class types you’ll find on the Mirror, which works by displaying trainers on a screen built into the mirror alongside important exercise information such as the movement you’re doing, the time and your own physical stats if you have a heart-rate monitor connected. As for programs, there are muscle building, fat loss and core strength courses, as well as recommendations for classes that are low impact, for beginners or even the toughest cardio options available. But the Mirror crucially differentiates itself from competitors — including other popular home-fitness machines and exercise mirror copycats — in that it has always prioritized mothers in its programming. 

A quick scroll through the Classes page on the app and you’ll find a section labeled “Pre/Postnatal.” In that section, you’ll find various barre, cardio, strength and yoga classes that are specifically approved for that phase in a woman’s life, something that isn’t a priority for other companies but will be a welcome option for new moms and moms-to-be. If the mom you’re shopping for isn’t interested in childbirth-adjacent workouts, the people in charge of programming at Mirror are always working on new classes and class collections that she’ll undoubtedly gravitate towards. For April, they featured Women of Mirror, a curated selection of classes from women trainers; and in Classes, they also have a section called Family Fun, which features workouts that parents can do with kids under the age of 12. 

The Delightful Simplicity

What’s the number one rule of Mother’s Day gifting? Don’t give them a chore. I’m sorry to say it, but most home gym setups certainly seem like a chore. From my personal experience, buying and installing the Mirror couldn’t have been easier — partially because they deliver and install the device at no extra charge (you will want to consult with the recipient beforehand, so she can figure out where she wants it installed, either hung on a wall or leaning up against a wall on a stand). As for any potential frustrations involving tech-infused workouts, there’s little of that exasperation here. All she needs to do is connect the device to strong wifi and use an app on her phone as a remote control of sorts. Easy peasy. 

What’s the number two rule? Don’t give them a statement piece. Candles, blankets and pillows? Great. Couches, rugs and tables? You’re playing with fire there. With the Mirror, you’re getting the impact of a big gift (both in form and price), but because the design is thoughtfully neutral — metal, glass and a power cord — it will work in just about any room. The smallest chance of a return is what we’re aiming for. 

The Personal Endorsements

As I mentioned up top, my mom was a fan of Mirror before I was a fan of Mirror, and this isn’t limited to the physical device — which currently starts at $995 (though she’ll need a monthly subscription to a Mirror membership too, so you may want to spring for a full year of that) and can be purchased with packages that include Lululemon gear, connected dumbbells and other exercise accouterment. Her love of the brand extends to the smartphone app itself, which can be used to stream classes even when you’re not in your home with the device. We recently took a family vacation to California where we rented a house, and doing yoga classes in the backyard led by a Mirror instructor playing on her iPhone became a daily ritual. My wife participated in those impromptu classes as well, and she was even more devastated when I returned our own Mirror after testing than I was. If that weren’t enough, starting today, April 25th, if you purchase a Mirror for Mother’s Day you’ll receive $100 to spend at lululemon with a promo card through Mother’s Day — that’s May 14, for those less-than-prepared men.

Don’t take it from me, take it from the women in my life that this is next-level Mother’s Day gifting.

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