This Is the Most Popular Christmas Cookie of 2022, According to Google

Did your favorite make the list?

Christmas cookies and candy canes on a cooling rack
We're going back to the classics this holiday.
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Each December, many of us take to the internet to decide which new Christmas cookies we’re going to bake during the holiday season. And unsurprisingly, the type of Christmas cookies that were searched for the most this year differed from state to state. How do you know which sugary confection topped the list in your place of residence? Google, of course.

The search engine released the data earlier this month and found that gingerbread was the most popular cookie search this year, as it topped the list in seven states and Washington, D.C. Peanut butter was a close second as the most popular search in seven states, followed by “international cookies,” which includes confections from Italy, Poland and Mexico. 

There weren’t any super weird cookies on the list, but interestingly, it seems like people are watching their waistlines a little less this year. According to Food & Wine, at this time last year, “keto cookies” and “gluten-free cookies” topped the list of the most searched for cookies in eight different states. This year, those terms didn’t even make the list. 

You can find out if your state was team gingerbread, team peanut butter or team sugar cookie with the full list below:

Alabama: Polish Christmas Cookies

Alaska: Christmas Sugar Cookies

Arizona: Mexican Christmas Cookies

Arkansas: Kitchen Sink Christmas Cookies

California: Mini Christmas Cookies

Colorado: Snowball Cookies

Connecticut: Italian Christmas Cookies

Delaware: Italian Christmas Cookies

District of Columbia: Gingerbread Cookies

Florida: Christmas Butter Cookies

Georgia: Gingerbread Cookies

Hawaii: Ube Christmas Cookies

Idaho: Christmas Sugar Cookies

Illinois: Christmas Bar Cookies

Indiana: Mexican Wedding Cookies

Iowa: Spritz Cookies

Kansas: Hot Chocolate Cookies

Kentucky: Royal Icing Christmas Cookies

Louisiana: Gingerbread Cookies

Maine: Italian Christmas Cookies

Maryland: German Christmas Cookies

Massachusetts: Linzer Cookies

Michigan: Polish Christmas Cookies

Minnesota: Peanut Butter Blossoms

Mississippi: Gingerbread Cookies

Missouri: Red Velvet Cookies

Montana: Gingerbread Cookies

Nebraska: Peanut Butter Blossoms

Nevada: Peanut Butter Christmas Cookies

New Hampshire: Candy Cane Cookies

New Jersey: Italian Christmas Cookies

New Mexico: Christmas Sugar Cookies

New York: Italian Christmas Cookies

North Carolina: Moravian Cookies

North Dakota: Peanut Butter Blossoms

Ohio: Peanut Butter Blossoms

Oklahoma: Mexican Christmas Cookies

Oregon: Gingerbread Cookies

Pennsylvania: Peanut Butter Blossoms

Rhode Island: Italian Christmas Cookies

South Carolina: Gingerbread Cookies

South Dakota: Christmas Sugar Cookies

Tennessee: Christmas Bar Cookies

Texas: Springerle Cookies

Utah: Candy Cane Cookies

Vermont: Gingerbread Cookies

Virginia: Christmas Bar Cookies

Washington: Christmas Bar Cookies

West Virginia: Mexican Wedding Cookies

Wisconsin: Peanut Butter Blossoms

Wyoming: Christmas Sugar Cookies

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