We Present America’s Greatest Success: Ice-Cream Doughnuts

The great hybrid dessert wave shows no signs of stopping

August 2, 2016 9:00 am

In the beginning, there was the cronut, and the cronut was good. 

But now, we’re moving on to other pastry-shop mash-ups.

Dominique Ansel’s croissant + doughnut still gets the lines in New York City, but we turn our attention to an even more cunning reinvention of the doughnut: Five Daughters Bakery’s new ice cream doughtnuts

We don’t understand the baking magic behind this particular treat, but imagine a doughnut with an ice cream filling rather than jelly, and you’re basically there. 

Pro: Every doughnut will be made to order.  Con: Every doughnut will be made to order on the premises of Five Daughters Bakery, in Nashville

If you live in Nashville — well, good for you. 

Otherwise? Put it on the bucket list. We hear Tennessee’s amazing this time of year. 


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