Is Taylor Ham Ice Cream the Most New Jersey Thing Ever?

Or pork roll ice cream, if you prefer

Pork roll
New Jersey's greatest culinary achievement since Trenton-style pizza.
Wikimedia Commons

Taylor ham — or pork roll, depending on your preferred nomenclature — is a type of meat that’s long been associated with New Jersey. It’s a subject that the state’s governor has discussed on late-night television; it’s a food that baseball names have renamed themselves to honor. And it was featured in the title of an album by comedian Chris Gethard.

As someone who grew up in the Garden State, I am not immune to the charms of Taylor ham, despite knowing that there is no possible way in which it is healthy. Even so, the news that some culinary genius has found a way to combine Taylor ham and ice cream comes as especially fantastic news.

The Digest has news of a recent flavor offering from Windy Brow Farms, which is situated in northwestern New Jersey. The flavor in question is Taylor Ham & French Toast — and you can probably guess what’s inside. And if that combination seems a little off-beat to you, advance word on the flavor is encouraging. As The Drift’s Peter Candia writes, “The savory qualities of the breakfast staple might seem questionable at first, but the spices and seasonings that go into Taylor Ham are actually a perfect match for sweet foods.”

Now, putting some form of meat into ice cream isn’t unique to this particular flavor. A few years ago, I tried an ice cream flavor from New York’s Oddfellows that incorporated chorizo, while Salt & Straw once served a flavor that featured bacon. But the New Jerseyness of this particular flavor is deeply appealing— think of it as a diner breakfast in ice cream form.

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And hey, it’s possible that ice cream might have health benefits to boot! Though in this case, the French toast and Taylor ham might offset whatever boost to your health you might get from eating it. Still, it sounds delicious.


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