Alton Brown’s Got a Steak Hack Involving Mayo

No oil or butter on hand? Try this.

February 14, 2019 9:00 am

We recently asked 10 prominent Chicago-based chefs their best tips for eating well while traveling, and many of them told us they pack sauces and spices the way the rest of carry around contact solution or moisturizer. 

Once in a while, though, a chef is bound to get caught out in the rain without the proper ingredients. Improvisation is required, and it can lead to greatness. Look no further than Cutthroat Kitchen host Alton Brown, and the evening he had to sizzle up a steak … sans butter or oil. 

steak (2 images)

Brown opted to cook his slab of beef with a coating of mayo. If that looks and/or sounds nuts, consider: A) the man is well-known for such cooking hacks and is to be trusted, and B) mayonnaise is simply a thick mixture of eggs and oil. Mayo tastes great on a turkey sandwich because it contains a lot of fat, and when coated on meat or fish before placed in a pan, will provide function while adding flavor.

While Alton isn’t reinventing the wheel here — Scott Schroeder of Hungry Pigeon in Philly uses mayo for marinades, grilled cheese and even chocolate cake — it’s a nice hack for whenever you’re in a pinch.

All images via Alton Brown/Instagram


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