Yep, You’re Looking at a Beer Nespresso

Drinking at home just got easier, more complicated

October 13, 2017 9:00 am

While you might question the need for a “Nespresso for beer” — hey, at least it’s not actually K-cups — anything that can deliver a solid draft brew on your kitchen countertop deserves a look.

So call us intrigued by Heineken’s new Blade machine. The small footprint and ease-of-use make this a more ideal beer pour than the average keg or growler.

Instead of tiny capsules, the Blade’s “plug-and-pour” system utilizes eight-liter kegs of Heineken or Birra Moretti that you can easily reorder much like, yes, Nespresso capsules. The compression system of the unit doesn’t require CO2 (or other gasses), so you can pretty much this device anywhere to get a draft-worthy brew — and the beer’ll stay fresh for 30 days.

Sadly, the Blade is currently only available in parts of Europe, for around $660 (which includes two kegs and two schooner glasses). It’s also targeted more at shops and small retailers who are strapped for space — although their promo video does suggest you could use it at home.

Not sure if this will catch on, but props to Heineken for thinking outside the box (and keg). 

To see how Heineken just invented a new type of beer, read our feature here.


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