This Portable Pellet Grill Is $300, Perfect for Tailgating

It's powered by your car and controlled by your phone

Green Mountain Grills
This GMG pellet grill has multiple power options, perfectly suited for tailgating

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Want to prep your grill for upcoming camping/beach adventures or tailgating?

Pull out your phone.

The Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill is controlled and monitored via a smartphone app. Paired with Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor that constantly updates grill temperatures, it’ll keep your meats (or veggies) at the exact right temperature as you’re doing something more important/fun than standing in front of a grill.

Plus, you can run it from a regular outlet or your vehicle’s 12V outlet. 

The grill itself is big enough to cook two racks of ribs or up to six steaks, and comes with a meat probe, a peaked lid for rib racks and convenience tray with utensil hooks. It weighs a hefty 68 lbs. (and the pellets are gonna add more weight), but it does have foldable legs and with a friend’s help, it’ll fit easily the back of your truck or car. 

The grill is currently $299 at Amazon, down $100 from its initial price (admittedly not the lowest price ever but the lowest currently) and a few hundred dollars less than an equivalent Traeger grill. As one Amazon buyer commented, “I used to have a Traeger Junior Elite before this and the Davy Crockett is better in almost every way.” 


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