Gift Your Valentine a Whole Cake from Milk Bar

Skip the drugstore chocolates

Gift Your Valentine a Whole Cake from Milk Bar

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It’s pretty hard to fuck up chocolate — even when it’s bad it’s still good. But that doesn’t mean come Valentine’s Day you should just pick up any heart shaped box of chocolates that happens to be readily available at CVS (how cliché).

If you really want to impress your significant other (which you should) then you’ll go the extra mile and order them a whole cake from Milk Bar’s V’Day shop.

In honor of Cupid’s big day, Milk Bar has created a limited edition chocolate raspberry jam cake, topped with gummy raspberry candies and chocolate chips. Even chocolate covered strawberries pale in comparison to this beauty.

And if your S.O. can really grub on some chocolate, go ahead and order them The Chocolate Lover, which includes the aforementioned cake and Milk’s Chocolate B’Day Truffle Dozen box. There’s also Milk Bar icons to choose from, like their B’Day Truffles and Birthday Cake.

Whatever your partner’s preference in sweets (or yours, we’re not judging), we suggest ordering now (like, right now) to get them by/on V-Day.


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