Get This 12-Piece Non-Stick Cookware Set for 42% Off

It’s currently at 400% of its goal and selling out fast

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The Blackbeard Frying Pan first launched on Kickstarter last summer and reached over seven times its goal in pledges.

Since then the company has decided to launch an entire set of cookware using its innovative, hexagonal non-stick coating. So while the pirate-themed verbiage (the entire set is called ”˜The Armada’) may be a bit of overkill, the quality is certainly not.

The company proudly displays buy-in from multiple Michelin-starred chefs for their stainless steel cookware and claims that the non-stick surface is scratch-resistant and will last well over 5 years.

You can currently pledge to their Kickstarter at a variety of different levels with varying rewards, but the star of the show is certainly the largest pledge of a bit over $330 that will net you the full 12-piece collection, all featuring the signature Black Beard non-stick honeycomb surface.

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