Best Father’s Day Offer Ever? Free Bacon for Life From Butcher Box.

Order some fantastic cuts of meat, get a free pound of side pork


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“I’m not thinkin’ about making love. I’m thinking about bacon love.”

Truer words were never spoken, Snoop Dogg.

For bacon lovers everywhere: online meat purveyor ButcherBox is once again offering its “Free Bacon for Life” package, which means every time you order a box of meat (as part of your membership) they’ll throw in a pound of artisanal bacon, uncured and free of added sugar and nitrates.

How it works: Once you sign up, order any pre-packaged box of 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, heritage breed pork and/or free-range organic chicken. All the meat will be individually vacuum-packed and shipped for free in an insulated box, complete with cooking tips and recipes. You can also customize a box from over 20 different cuts of meat.


Overall, while it doesn’t seem cheap — the boxes start at $129 per month — the amount of quality meat you get (about 24 meals worth) averages out to less than $6 per meal.

And that’s before the bacon.

(Note: To view the boxes available, you’ll have to give ButcherBox your email.)


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