The 5 Best DIY Options for Cold Brew

How to get your iced java maker for as little as $10

Semko cold brew maker
The best cold brew makers offer convenience and huge price savings (Amazon)

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The best part of warm weather season?

The abundance of cold brew.

In lieu of waiting in long lines and spending upwards of 5-6 dollars every time you want an icy java drink, we suggest making the drink yourself. It takes a bit of patience, but a thought-out cold brew is worth the overnight wait and about a thousand times better than any “pour hot coffee on ice” hack.

We highlight a few well-reviewed, affordable cold brew makers below, on sale from Amazon and Huckberry. For more on the cold brewing process and some ready-to-drink options, check out our 8 favorite ways to make the perfect cuppa cold brew.


For convenience: OXO BREW
Your one-switch, all-in-one device includes a glass carafe with measurement markings and a stopper (so you can keep the coffee fresh in the fridge) and a “rainmaker” top that evenly distributes water over coffee grounds. Plus, it won’t take up any more counter space than your everyday coffeemaker, and it works just as well for tea.


For size: Espro Cold Brew System
The 64 oz. UV-protected glass growler nets about a week’s worth of cold brew.


For affordability: Semko Airtight Cold Brew Maker
This combo of a Borosilicate glass carafe and stainless steel infuser is also dishwasher safe and great for hot coffee and tea. Click the coupon for 40% off.


For never worrying about filters: Bodum Bean
Essentially a French press with interchangeable lids (one with the plunger, one for keeping your brew in the fridge overnight), the Bodum is small and a bit plastic-y but also inexpensive and you’ll never need a paper filter.


For quickest results: Hario V60
Remember when I said patience? If you utilize a process called “flash brewing,” you’ll get a tasty cup o’ iced joe in minutes, not overnight. As far as taste goes, you’ll be purposely maintaining the acidity of the coffee, which is certainly different from the average cold brew (directions on how to utilize this pour-over method are here.)


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