Fidel Castro’s Personal Rum Blend Is Hitting Shelves Soon

And it's got a way higher approval rating than the man himself

July 27, 2017 9:00 am

No matter how you feel about the whole communism thing, you have to admit Fidel Castro was a pretty interesting cat.

In addition to outlasting nine U.S. presidents during his time in power, the Cuban leader claimed to have slept with more than 35,000 women and survived more than 600 assassination attempts over the course of his lifetime. Another interesting fact? Castro had a rum blended solely for his personal consumption.

Another, even more interesting fact? Thanks to London-based Spirit Cartel, you can finally buy it.

Originally crafted out of a collection of different rums that were discovered in a cellar in 1959 following the Cuban Revolution, Isla del Tesoro was only consumed by Castro and whomever he deemed worthy of receiving a bottle of the blend as a gift, according to Spirits Business.

“Isla del Tesoro is truly the stuff of legend,” said Charles Marshall Spirit Cartel. “It’s a rum for connoisseurs and aficionados. We can all be a little Fidelista even if we are not communist.”

Currently available in the UK for $650, details about where to get the rum can be found here.


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