It’s Time to Ditch Supermarket Bacon for Small Batch

Do it for your BLT. Do it for you.

April 6, 2017 9:00 am

William “Bill-E” Stitt runs a roadside restaurant 30 minutes southwest of Mobile, Alabama called Old 27 Grill. It’s here where he makes, cures and smokes bacon — apparently behind the stage of his restaurant — which has become something of a selling point for his sowbelly.

“Serenaded by songwriters, savored by carnivores,” reads the website.

My first reaction was not to roll my eyes, as one might normally do to such a claim. Because in the end, we’re talking about bacon, and all men have the right to sell their bacon any way they please. Especially bacon this good.

It is not soundwaves that make Bill-E’s bacon so delicious. It is, in fact, the pigs: Berkshire Red and Chantilly White pigs from Midwestern farms bred specifically for meaty consumption. They come fresh. Then Bill-E hand-cures the meat for eight days in pink curing salt and brown sugar before it’s cold-smoked in hickory.

Sounding pretty good about now? The bacon is available by the slice or pound — head on over to Bill-E’s Bacon and order some up.


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