Deal: All-Clad Cookware Is Up to 81% Off, So Get Your Kitchen Prepped

A Factory Seconds sale means you're getting good-as-new pots and pans on the cheap

All-Clad Cookware
Some of the best cookware you'll ever own, now hundreds of dollars off

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It’s time to get over your mistrust of words like “refurbished” and “factory seconds.”

These not-quite-new designations won’t mean you’re getting damaged goods. Well, you are, but it just means minor aesthetic imperfections in an aesthetic sense, not in terms of performance.

In the case of All-Clad, a high-end cookware line, it might even mean just the packaging is a bit dinged up (and you’re recycling that pretty quickly, right?), or it means the cookware is refurbished (that word again) by the brand to its “original performance and beauty.”

The cookware itself is durable, good-looking and restaurant-worthy, and for accepting a not completely new product, you’ll land serious deals on pans, Dutch ovens, flatware and other assorted cookware at 40-80% off during the company’s Factory Seconds sale.

Note: You’ll have to agree to the Terms & Conditions to access the sale (click yes and give your email address). The sale ends Thursday night. It’s a $7.95 flat-rate shipping rate and orders go out in 7-10 business days.

A few favorites from the sale:

If you have a previous ENCORE pan, you can also return it for a rebate.

10-Inch ENCORE Fry Fan, Nonstick/Stainless

The center copper layer helps with heat distribution and reducing the pot’s weight

3-Qt. Sauce Pan with Lid / Copper Core

Immersion Blender
Features an extra-long and detachable shaft (make your own joke here)

Immersion Blender / Stainless Steel

8.4 quart pressure cooker
Features four pre-programmed settings and a smart timer

8.4-Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker

13-piece cookware set
Features three fry, two sauce and one saute pan plus soup and stock pots (and lids)

13-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set / Hard-Anodized


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