The 5 Best Grilling Deals for Fourth of July Weekend

Artisanal burgers, steaks, hot dogs and more at over 50% off

Omaha Steaks

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For once, let’s prep for Fourth of July like it’s a birthday or Mother’s/Father’s Day.

Ideally, that means thinking about your plans in advance and planning accordingly. Given that you’re most likely 1) hanging out in a large group and 2) grilling, there’s no guesswork here.

You need meats. Lots o’ meats. Cancer be damned.

And right now is the perfect time to buy something artisanal and affordable. In lieu of supermarket franks and whatever your weird neighbor brings (tilapia, Tom? You brought tilapia?), order now from a high-end, online meat purveyor and you’ll get some nice deals, some at more than 50% off. 

A few favorites (including seafood and vegan options) below. If you need some hints on grilling this holiday, we’ve got some dos and don’ts:

Omaha Steaks

The Big Celebration 4th of July Combo via Omaha Steaks
Ribeyes, pork chops, chicken sausages (stuffed with gouda and, because America, apple), jumbo franks, burgers and more, now at over 50% off. 

Porter Road

Summer Pack by Porter Road
Two pounds of dry-aged ground beef, plus six hot dogs and three bratwurst for just $35 — all pasture-raised meat, no fillers or additives. Note: The company also offers free dry-aged ground beef on orders of $75+.

Snake River Farms

Grilling Bundles by Snake River Farms
Use the promo code GRILLTIME19 to get two free pounds of American Wagyu ground beef and a pound of gourmet hot dogs … if you spend over $199 (a good way to get there? Buy some Colossal Cuts, which includes some American Wagyu Cowboy Steaks and Kurobuta Pork Tomahawks, now $100 off).

The Herbivorous Butcher

Summer Grill Pack by The Herbivorous Butcher
The brother-sister duo behind The Herbivorous Butcher have mastered both imitations (All-American Breakfast Sausage) and their own flavors (Sriracha Brats). But whether you’re veg-curious or have an eco-conscious kid home from college, you’ll want to start with the Summer Grill Pack for the vegan crowd.

Chicago Steak Company

Chicago Steak Company
Get free shipping and eight free steak burgers if you enter the code 8BURGERS and spend more than $99. While the company specializes in steaks (very large steaks), they also have an extensive seafood collection.


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