Eat Drink SF? VIP Me, Please.

Your must-eats for the weekend’s huge festival.

August 21, 2015 9:00 am

Set belts to forgiving and move your DDs to speed-dial:

Eat Drink SF is here.

Good news: You can still get a VIP package.

Great news: You don’t have to.

You could, for example, just take advantage of the fact that today’s the last day of the pre-fest guest chef burger series at Super Duper on Kearney Street.

Get over there pronto to pick up a burger courtesy of Michelin-friendly Michael Mina, who’s contributed his recipe for the Gold Rush Burger. Involves “secret sauce” and smoked gouda.

Plus it benefits one of our town’s best charities: Ronnie Lott’s All Stars Helping Kids.

Why stop there, though?

That VIP package?

Grants you early access to tonight’s Grand Tasting at Fort Mason, featuring plates from around three dozen eateries and 70 beer, wine and spirits brands.

Then do it again on Saturday afternoon.

And Saturday night.

If you’re still hungry (unlikely) consider the Sunday brunch (a separate ticket) at Foreign Cinema. 

There is no better way to spend the weekend.  

Just remember the elastic waistband.

It’s the champion’s way.

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