Tom Cruise May Team Up With Elon Musk to Shoot an Action Movie in Space

Given current pandemic restrictions, might be the safest place to film

Tom Cruise, pictured from his 2013 sci-fi flick 'Oblivion'
Universal Pictures

Quite a past few days for Elon Musk — new kid, mom’s mad, selling his houses and possibly all his possessions, lost billions in company money over a few self-sabotaging tweets and made a questionable suggestion about opening up America amid a pandemic (along with suggesting a questionable baby name).

Now, in his sanest moment, Musk might help Tom Cruise film a movie in space. As reported by Deadline, the actor may team up with Musk’s Space X endeavor (along with NASA) for an action/adventure film shot in outer space.

Few details are known, but apparently it’s not a Mission: Impossible film and there’s no confirmed studio as of yet.

Given that Cruise prefers to do his own, often dangerous stunts — he broke his ankle during a rooftop leap on Mission: Impossible Fallout and has scaled mountains, 123-floor skyscrapers and hung off of jet planes during takeoff during other M:I films— a trip to space might be a nice break for the actor, now 58 years old.

It’s not the first foray into space for Cruise, at least in film: He had a few spaceship moments during 2013’s underrated Oblivion.

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