Swiss Movie Theaters Have Twin Beds Now

We sure this is a good idea?


Switzerland’s Cinema Pathé just brought the bedroom to the movies, unveiling a new theater with 11 double beds.

Each fully-made bed unit takes up the space of five or six (eyeball testing, here) standard seats and they come equipped with pillows, adjustable headrests and a nightstand for your snacks. Tickets go for $48.50 a pop, and that includes free food and drinks. You’d be remiss not to try the house waffles.

That is, of course, if you have any interest in journeying to the town of Spreitenbach to try out the concept for yourself. We have mixed feelings. Enough wackos are already up to no good in movie theaters — is giving them sheets a good idea? And while the theater says it will change the bed-spread before each viewing, you know a popcorn kernel or two will survive the cleaning. The opportunity to stretch the legs at the theater is appreciated, but recliners have already made it to the States, and get the job done without giving you unwanted stress during the film.

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