London Is Now Home to an “Accidentally Wes Anderson” Exhibit

It follows similar exhibits in Seoul and Tokyo

"Accidentally Wes Anderson" exhibit
Images at the London "Accidentally Wes Anderson" exhibit.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

Spend enough time looking at architecture and you’re liable to stumble onto something that evokes the distinctive production design of a Wes Anderson film. That’s the genesis of Accidentally Wes Anderson, an Instagram account that’s accumulated 1.9 million viewers over the years.

If Anderson’s films led to the Instagram account in question, then the Instagram account in question has subsequently led to a series of exhibits in cities around the world. As Julia Binswanger reports at Smithsonian Magazine, an exhibit inspired by the account inspired by the filmmaker has opened in Seoul, Tokyo and London — allowing visitors a way to see real places that look like fictional places. It’s a blend of realism and artifice worthy of, well, Wes Anderson.

This should not be confused with another recent London exhibit that put the spotlight on an actual Anderson film, Asteroid City.

The Accidentally Wes Anderson exhibit features around 200 images divided into seven rooms, with themes like “Maritime” and “Transport.” A quick glimpse at some of the images selected for the show suggests an uncanny ability to evoke Anderson’s aesthetic — a case of life imitating art imitating life imitating art.

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Wally Koval, the co-founder of Accidentally Wes Anderson, pointed to the sensibility of both the Instagram account and the show itself. “Our mission has always been the same, since we started AWA in 2017 – to provide a daily dose of delight and inspire a sense of adventure and curiosity for all that wish to participate,” he said in a statement. “[W]e hope that this experience can do just that for everyone that visits.”

And if you’re waiting eagerly for Anderson’s next project, making a stop in South Kensington might just tide you over until then.

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