You Can Now Book a Trip in a Vintage Train Car Designed by Wes Anderson

One of the filmmakers's fantasy worlds has been brought to life in a restored '50s Pullman car

You Can Now Book a Trip in a Vintage Train Car Designed by Wes Anderson
British Pullman

Wes Anderson’s inimitable style of filmmaking has been described as rhythmical, whimsical and idiosyncratic. It draws heavily on nostalgia for bygone times, and everything is presented with a rich, distinctive palette and symmetrical framing. It’s thanks to this style that Anderson has carved out a corner of the cinematic universe that is entirely his own, solidifying his position as one of the great modern-day filmmakers and amassing a cult following in the process. There’s even an Instagram account called Accidentally Wes Anderson featuring photographs from the real world that resemble his work.

So it should come as no surprise that a number of the filmmaker’s fans would jump at the opportunity to live, however briefly, inside one of his fantasy worlds. And jump they have — this time, onboard a Wes Anderson-designed vintage train carriage on the Belmond British Pullman, a luxury train that tours around Great Britain.

Per a new report from Belmond, Anderson was recently tasked with redesigning a carriage built in the 1950s called Cygnus — one of 11 cars on the British Pullman. Said carriages have reportedly transported royalty and statesmen over the years, and even survived World War II bomb raids. Fast forward 70 years and Cygnus, which now boasts a pastel-pink ceiling and a range of varying green accents, will host patrons looking to travel straight into one of Anderson’s films.

“I have often had the chance to invent train compartments and carriages in my movies,” Anderson told Belmond. “So I was very eager to make something new while also participating in the process of preservation which accompanies all the classic Belmond train projects. They are keeping something special alive. An endangered species of travel which is nevertheless very suited to our time.”

According to Belmond, “Guests can ride in Cygnus on any journey on the British Pullman, a unique travel experience that rumbles across the rails all over England. Whether a murder mystery lunch through the Kent countryside or a sparkling dinner hosted by an up-and-coming guest chef, a ticket in Cygnus means you can experience the Golden Age of Travel while appreciating the beauty of modern design. With two private four-seat coupes or seats in the open carriage, the choice is yours.”

Even with rates starting at a cool £435, three of the five journeys slated for the end of October are — unsurprisingly — entirely sold out, though if you do happen to be in England and fancy a trip to Bath, or just a “champagne afternoon tea” (yes, please!), there are still some slots open.


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