An “Asteroid City”-Themed Exhibit Just Opened in London

Visit Wes Anderson's take on Americana — in England

"Asteroid City" exhibit
A general view of the atmosphere at the "Asteroid City" exhibition celebrating the director's latest film at 180 The Strand.
Dave Benett/Getty Images for Universal

By now, the sheer level of detail that Wes Anderson and his collaborators apply to the setting of his films has become one of the filmmaker’s trademarks — along with a sense of timelessness and an array of memorable characters. It’s easy to watch one of Anderson’s films and want to step into the frame — to spend a night at the Grand Budapest Hotel, say, or wander through the offices of the French Dispatch.

Anderson’s latest film, Asteroid City, continues in that tradition, tapping into a particular sense of mid-20th century Americana. It’s not surprising to learn, then, that an immersive exhibition allows visitors to wander through settings inspired by the film, though the location of the exhibition might turn heads. In keeping with the continent-spanning themes of Anderson’s previous film — full title: The French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun — you’ll have to travel to London if you want to experience Asteroid City in person.

As Dezeen’s article on the exhibit points out, this isn’t the only nod to Europe as it relates to Asteroid City; the film itself was shot in Spain. The exhibition includes everything from sets and costumes from the film to a working luncheonette.

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The exhibition opened on June 17 at 180 The Strand, and is set to run through July 7. For fans of Anderson’s work, it sounds like an intriguing spot to visit, and the closest we’re likely to come to a Sleep No More-style mash-up inspired by the filmmaker’s aesthetic.

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